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  • Amazon Customer - I LOVE the cookbook

    I LOVE the cookbook! My favorite thing about it is each page has an explanation or excerpt from the book as to where or when the food was served. I purchased it for a gift and she also loves it! Thank you

  • christine - does wonders

    i have severe lower back pain and leg pain. this patch really helps the soreness i feel when i get up in the morning. would highly recommend these to anyone with arthritis, or back, leg and even shoulder pain.

  • Spasticdog - Don't be scammed by this software! You can download ...

    Don't be scammed by this software! You can download free programs to do what this claims to do.This is a virus in itself. I'm an IT tech so take it as you will.DO NOT buy this! You will be scammed!

  • Maryjane Dobbs - It has what smells like to me a "Christmas potpourri" scent

    So far I cant tell if there is any medicinal benefits yet. I have used in on my kids feet at night and put some drops in their humidifier. They are both currently sickish. One is recovering well and one is fighting the beginning of what he caught from his brother. If he doesn't get as sick I will probably account it for the product. It has what smells like to me a "Christmas potpourri" scent. Its a pretty strong smell for anyone who is sensitive make sure to dilute it with water. Also obviously the price is very steep. If you purchase all the oils separately to make Thieves oil it would be very expensive up front but would make more in the long run. So either way think of it as an investment.

  • Maria Cuenca - Yup, it lifts, firms and enhance your Booty*

    I want to say first the shipping was quick. I've been using the cream as directed I definitely see an improvement. My buttocks is lifting, firming and enhancing. I love the scent of the cream and when I put it on it absorbs quickly into my skin. I'm a satisfied customer : )

  • Kristen M - A good starting point, but not the perfect solution.

    Overall: I have now decided to write a review after I had followed the program daily for a 4 month period. If you have severe joint issues I do not recommend this product. If you have gone through the whole Insanity or P90X programs; this is not a condensed version. My husband does Insanity and I tried it before I started this program. T-25 is not as intense of a program. T-25 is a great introduction for those who feel they are too out of shape for Insanity or P90X. The only negatives I have are the diet that is included and the resistance bands. Just spring for dumbbells, or anything else.

  • Asuka - The perfect gift.

    I gave this as a gift and I almost kept it for myself. :) Its not really a good travel book because it's a rather large hardcover showcasing a lot of the amazing photography from those locations, but it has the standard Lonely Planet tips on how to make the most of your vacation. I really like it and recommend it as a good gift idea for those tough ones like weddings of acquaintances and Father's Day.