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  • Nancy Fox - It's a must buy for everyone!

    Just a great deck, with a great value. Good for starters and geeks and tournament go-ers. I bought one, then sold all the cards individually and made $200 (well, actually $192, but whatever) and bought another one for $50. So over all I got the deck, and made $150, so it's totally worth it.

  • HKinVA - greaT MAT

    The mat is nice and thick and works great. Doesn't seem overly heavy. Hopefully it won't wear out as fast as the thinner ones. I've had it for several months and use it daily. That's about all I can say about a simple mat.

  • Mark Seiler - It's as easy as can be

    It's as easy as can be. I have Internet in my shop now that's 250' away and is a steel sided building. Had signal from the almond right away and after moving it around different locations now have full signal and my shop computer runs just as fast as it does in the house hard wired. This is a really great product....If your looking to extend the range I really don't think you will be upset with this purchase

  • itinerant - Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain: this stuff works great

    Despite the dire warnings from some people obsessed with an allegedly now-discontinued ingredient, I have found this stuff to be the miracle cure I was looking for. Instant gratification--the end to itching, the end to pain, the end to the rash and the spreading and torment. Yes it costs a lot: I don't care. I went from constant torment to relief in moments. I used it again for good measure a day later, and now the virulent, systemic, spreading itchy disaster is gone.