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  • MandBinc - This was a better deal

    I had intended to change my AV to something else but found that Norton AV was a better deal. The only caveat is that after installation you need to run an extended update process which ties up the PC for a while.

  • Frank S - piece of junk don't waste your money

    I suffer with arthritis, I am in pain most of the time, so I thought that this unit would help to ease the pain, I purchased this unit from Amazon. When I received this unit I read all of the instructions and tried it for three days, it did absolutely nothing! So I sent it back for a refund.

  • Jack A. Kagan - Camera controls are not perfect, but it's still a very fun game

    Camera controls are not perfect, but it's still a very fun game. I use it to get tons of exercise! You can use a phone app to control the game if you don't have a Move controller or a camera.

  • Willy the Shake - Useable information

    Comprehensive information. Time will tell if the publishing agents listed are useful. Well organized, with tips for beginning writers and those interested in hearing how successful writers got their start.