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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Akkira Foster - so you have to hope for the best, or keep stirring

    I'm not a fan of this. It says no taste, but there is a very heavy bitter taste. Also, I don't understand why it can't just pour out from the top. Sticking a piece of plastic in my drink isn't appealing to me, especially from some company. You don't know when all of the powder is out, so you have to hope for the best, or keep stirring. This tastes terrible in water, but if you do water with Mio, or some juice, it isn't awful. This doesn't give me any kind of energy and I'm disappointed in this. I tried some in juice and while it was still yummy, the powder left a strange white film on my bottom lip. Not very cute. I got an awful pang in my stomach when I used it with juice and was down for the count most of the evening. I do have Crohn's disease and have a very delicate stomach but I do ingest other energy products with no issue. I wouldn't buy these again. They're awkward, uncomfortable, disgusting and ineffective.

  • Candace Hall - He loves how it makes this slick phone easy to handle while using it

    My husband loves this case. At first he thought it was a little girly. But he quickly got over it after he saw what all this case offered. There have been many times he has left the house without his phone or his wallet. Now that has been reduced by combining them both. He loves how it makes this slick phone easy to handle while using it. It's like holding a book now. If you don't like the open book feel then the cover folds back and magnetically attaches to the back of the phone. While talking on the phone the flap closure is a good place to help hold through phone, it fits in the fold of your thumb. It is attached by the corners and down the sides. I was given this product to review and offer my unbiased opinion.

  • Jennifer - Gradual changes but definately a keeper!!!

    Is it life changing? No. But I have started getting compliments on how nice my hair is from strangers after using for over 6 months. I have even had a few friends notice that my hair is a bit longer. My ends are much fuller now. I have nice thick hair already well past my shoulders but I couldn't seem to get it past a certain point. I color my hair and blow dry it regularly so it's inevitable that I have to get my ends trimmed about once every 8 weeks. It just felt like it was only growing as much as I was trimming and stuck at the same length. After taking these I feel like I'm finally growing it out gradually. I also feel like it's at least10% thicker overall and doesn't shed as much in the shower but again my hair was in pretty good shape already so I wasn't expecting huge changes in that department. To be fair I need to mention that I take these ONCE a day not twice as recommended. I take enough vitamins as it is and I would never remember to take them at night so I take all my supplements first thing in the morning. I was a bit skeptical so I thought I would be economical and just try it once a day to see if any changes happened at all. Overall it does feel stronger, healthier, and finally I'm able to make progress growing it out. I will absolutely continue taking these. Also worth noting is that I forgot to reorder for a 2 week period and instantly I noticed that I was shedding more hair in the shower. That was enough to make me want to keep these in my vitamin regime! It's not a scam, they do work, but just be realistic and patient. Don't skip days and remember to take them! Hope this helps someone else on the fence.