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  • Amazon Customer - Does lighten teeth, but probably not as dramatically as ...

    Does lighten teeth, but probably not as dramatically as some other whiteners on Amazon. It is also unpleasant tasting and tingles a bit on my tongue and gums when it mixes with saliva. That's to be expected with these types of whiteners.

  • anon - a very low key exfoliator, not to replace a clenser for acne prone skin

    I purchased this because I read good reviews on other sites about it's ability to fade acne redness and dark marks due to it's BHA/AHA ingredients. In terms of fading my acne scars I can't really tell a significant difference after 2 weeks of using it three times a week. I was expecting a more intense experience, it is actually a very gentle clenser, has a very fine "grit" when it comes to the scrub aspect and is on the creamier side. I have oil-dry combination, acne prone skin. I usually have at least one break out on my face so I was really hoping this would do more to combat that. Since using it i've noticed my skin is softer, but if I don't follow up with a acne treatment gel I break out more then usual the next day. I followed up with a basic acne moisturizer and SPF but it still makes my cheeks dry and other areas like my nose more oily then normal. Perhaps if you used a Murad serum or moisturizer it would work better? Either way, if you have oily skin I would stick to a drugstore exfoliator or Dermalogica and save yourself the high pricetag of this Exfoliator/Cleanser. On the plus side though, the bottle is huge and would definitely last the average person several months of use!

  • Marci - Custom fit!

    This is a great product, definitely custom and well worth the price. It fits my 2014 CT windshield perfectly to block out all of the sun. It greatly reduces the heat in the car and will come in very handy on Monday when the high is supposed to reach 108*.

  • heather - Garbage

    This version is just as buggy as the last - not easy to navigate, frequent unmappable addresses, very touchy/tempermental - opening a variety of pop ups & notifications whenever you click anything. Ugly outdated graphics, icons, and maps, tons of stupid tourist attractions and disgusting greasy spoon restaurants gunking up your view/the accessibility of the software.

  • BoredMom - Affordable value & tastes great.

    I ordered these Vitafusion gummies for my teen as she complains about her hair not growing fast enough. I think the extra biotin would be helpful in her diet, so we gave these a shot. The gummies are very soft and taste really good (raspberry, but not a fakey bad taste). There is a brand that is being advertised (some sort of blue bear gummies) and I about passed out when she told me how much they are. This is a comparable product, tastes great and was very wallet friendly. I like that this has a multi-vitamin as well. My daughter has a healthy diet, but she is very active so it's nice to know she is getting a little extra boost with these. We'll see if the hair grows faster in a few months, but I'm just happy she found something she likes (tastes good) and is affordable to me.