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  • Toni Paolini - Sorry but it seems more like a scam

    I bought 15 licenses and I received only 10. I tried to contact support for more than 1 month and I could not reach anybody. I get stuck with pre designed support options. You cannot reach a human being to explain your problem.

  • Michael S. - Add a very clean look.

    I got these to replace my old rusted drip pans. They were 2$ more than the cheap ones I had in before that rusted out in less than a year and worth every penny more. They weigh a little more which helps keep them from moving around while banging around on the stove top. The fit is nice on this old ge stove top in my rental house. The fit was something I was worried about since there are no numbers to match up and didn't want to buy and return until something fit correctly. Maybe I got lucky on the first try? They are also very easy to clean off as I am a messy cooker and spil, about 3/4 of what ever I'm cooking all over the place, the clean up was important to me. Hope you enjoy this drip pan set as much as I am.

  • Amazon Customer - THE STEP SCARE

    Hey guys, I am sure you will be really tense about the step 1!! It is definitely worth the scare, especially nowadays when programs are depending on the scores more and more for evaluating you. I think it is best to use this book as a dessert and not the main course. It would even suit as an appetiser, but definitely not the mail course. Pathoilogy is definitely the strenght of the book. us e this as a supplement to the Q bank of Kaplan. that is the best possible resource for step1. Good luck.

  • Tammy K - Quality hardback book!

    Extremely pleased with this purchase for my 8 year old son. Good quality hardback book. The pages have great high-quality photos and easy to read print. My son absolutely loves this book. The neighborhood kids have the best time looking at it together.

  • Artsyfemale - Good product

    This stuff is really good. I must say that I slept on it at first because of the texture and I was using it on wet hair. The best way to use it is on mostly dry hair with a spray bottle just to add a bit of moisture. I used it for a coil out and only let it set for a couple of hours and it came out great. I'm sold 👍

  • Teya - Completely crashed after one use!

    I am not one to give bad reviews but this is ridiculous. I took advice from a friend to get Quicken because it was just as good as Quick books... Installed and set up account then closed it to use later... when I tried to open it again it said "Quicken Window has stopped working. A problem cause the program to stop working correctly." I went on the website and tried to get help and waited to be talked to for 45 min then it told me that there were no available tellers. please try again later. Not Impressed! Spend the extra money and get Quick books!

  • Sarah - Reoccurring wheel issues, beware!

    I picked out this stroller as soon as I got pregnant because of all the positive reviews and the features of the stroller itself. I just bought it with about a month until my due date. Initially, I wasn't going to put it together right away but I was too excited not to. I'm glad I did. The front right wheel wobbled and didn't consistently touch the ground. I thought maybe the floors of our house were uneven so I tired it on several surfaces with no improvement. I also tried switching the two front wheels. I assumed I just got a dud and luckily the exchange process was easy. However, I was extremely disappointed to find the second stroller also has the same wheel issue. Instead of return it again and hope for an issue free replacement, I've decided to pick another brand. I just don't feel comfortable with the quality I've observed. Especially at the price point for this stroller. I'm disappointed because I did love the stroller but safety and reliability definitely come first.