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  • Margaret - Brilliant product.

    Brilliant product. I'm a driving instructor so I use it as a speedo on the passenger side of the car. The wire was long enough to be hidden under the cantral column and round the dash. It sits straight in front of me in the corner of the windscreen. It's easy to take out for tests as the wire is plugged in to the unit rather than being modded in to the unit.

  • Fady - Wrong item

    I bought the vivo 4.3 with jelly bean but I received the old version the ice cream which is not what I need

  • Vhell - I feel so happy after reading this book

    I feel so happy after reading this book. This book has changed my life positively. Before now, i feel the whole idea of meditation was pointless and i never knew the significant effect it can help in my mental, physical, and spiritual health. This book made meditation practice so easy for me because of the step by step guide given in it. I am really happy to have this book.

  • pragmatic_insanities - Very relaxing

    This tea is perfect right before bed. The chamomile and other ingredients help you to let go of your days stresses as the warmth of the tea fills your body. I feel I sleep better when I drink this tea. The tea is VERY good tasting. Even if it did not have the relaxing effects I would still buy this tea, even if it did not have the relaxing effects, just for the taste. Add this tea to your nightly routine and you won't be sorry.

  • Tracy Woodard - Best decoration EVER!!

    This thing is absolutely spectacular! It's like something you would see at Disney World (think Haunted Mansion). It is so simple to set up and when we put it in our window during Halloween for trick-or-treaters and for high schoolers coming for a Halloween party, it blew everyone away! It's so much better than I would have thought. It can go in any window, vertical or horizontal with a simple included screen that affixes to the window frame with double-sided tape. I'm pretty certain it could also be used on a standard window shade as well. Anyway, the animation is mesmerizing and if you're the type to get scared easily, it really is scarier than any other decoration I've seen! It seems like there are actually skeletons, zombies, etc. inside the house! We were the hit of the neighborhood! And, then, there's the Christmas animation that we can leave it out for. I haven't tried it yet, but supposedly, you can easily download more animated holiday scenes from the internet. I'm going to see whether they have one for Thanksgiving, as I'll be hosting that, as well. I would rate it more than 5 stars if I could!

  • Wanda Egelhof - It ok

    I only got this for school reasons, one of the classes I was taking needed Access as well. Microsoft dose not provide this with all the rest when you buy office, it comes with all the rest, words, power point, excel, etc.. I always wonder why, I mean most business use words, excel and power point, and it comes standard in both home and business versions, "will now I know". I would not use Access even if I owned my own business, why? Access is as good as Excel, excel is a better program and more user friendly. Of course Access is a Data base program however, in today society I feel Access is a little out dated. If you like a data base more then excel then this if a good program however, if a person is not facular with a data base program then I would recommend sticking to excel.

  • beachgirl85 - Great stuff!

    I have looked high and low for something for my very dry sensitive skin. Im a medium skin tone and my skin usually looks dry and dull. I was a little scared to try this product since its natural and I have sensitive skin, but I have had no break outs. I switched over to this creme and it works great on my skin! I have been using this for two weeks now and I have noticed a difference. My complexion looks brighter and it keeps my skin moisturized. Sometimes I use it with Boots Organics face super balm. I will definitely be buying more of this. Also a little goes a long way. I wish they made some as a body creme. This $31 price is a steal! I paid $22 at Target for one jar! Oh and I recommend Avalon Organics Vitamin C Refreshing Cleansing Gel to cleanse your face. Its gentle and its great!