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  • Laura - Worked & at a fraction of the dealer cost

    Vendor was great and provided telephone assistance. I was able to get the key to work after a few attempts. I had to turn my car on/off several times before I could program the doors successfully. We also had to disconnect the car battery and reconnect in order to program the key to the ignition. While this was a bit of a hassle, I was told by the locksmith that this was not uncommon for Toyota vehicles.

  • C. E. Delage - Squatty Potty Is For You!

    If you are looking for a natural aid for constipation, try squatting rather than sitting on your toilet seat. This convenient device fits around your toilet's base for easy storage. Buy the 15 inch model if you have a standard toilet, the 17 inch if you have the taller model.

  • Kelly - repairs save money

    Love this stuff. Used it to repair my headphones and sink soap dispenser. Plan out how to use the whole small packet at one time since any not used will dry out. But each packet is fairly small. Keep unopened packets in the refrigerator to extend life.

  • Patricia Porras - After 4 weeks I feel good about the way my waist has begun to reshape ...

    Belt arrived & workout has begun. I wear the belt as I workout walking or doing my cardio & yoga exercises. After 4 weeks I feel good about the way my waist has begun to reshape once again. I do find that a person must take action in multiple ways. The belt doesn't help you lose weight, it helps you tone your muscles & you have to help yourself lose weight by exercising a bit & definitely walking & procuring a healthy eating & drinking diet. Especially women who have very low alkaline in their ph levels. This seems to make it difficult to lose weight if your body has high acidic ph levels, become more conscious of these levels and change up your diet foods to assist you in losing weight and becoming much healthier all at once. This information has become important in realizing that the belt doesn't help lose weight you must help yourself & the belt assists you by tightening up those loose muscles in your body. Awesome combination. Thanks.

  • Joy W - Safe cute infant pillow

    The Mittagong Infant Head Support Prevent Flat Memory Foam Baby Pillow,Coffee is the perfect little safe pillow for my newborn grandbaby. It is very small and cute and perfect for their little head when they are an infant. The best thing about this is that it does prevent the newborn from getting a flathead from being late on their back, which is the safest way to lay them in their crib or bassinet. It is so soft and provides the perfect comfort for the baby. I highly recommend one of these little pillows to keep your baby from getting the flat spot on the back of their head.

  • Airborne Art - Publisher Upgrade

    After having dragged MS Publisher 2003 through all versions of Windows OS up through Win 7 (64-bit) and after having used Office 2007 for a while I thought this was a good time to upgrade my Publisher to 2010. I loved the 2003 version and would use it over MS Word for many of my projects with injected graphics. So far I've been pleased with the capabilities of Pub 2010 even though I'm still on a learning curve with it - but I believe we'll get along just fine.

  • Gary Guthrie - Hair Maybe...

    What can I say about a product that "might" grow hair depending on the person? For me, I think it's working, but that isn't really what I'm rating. I've tried Rogaine before and it seemed to work, so I decided to try this much cheaper version from Kirkland. It's not like you are going to instantly have a full head of hair, but over months of use, you should notice that bald spot in the back of your head starting to close up - that's what it's really targetted for although why not try it on your whole head if you need it. If you don't grow hair then it's probably not the fault of the product - it doesn't work for everybody. This stuff is exactly like Rogaine from what I can tell, at a much lower price, and seems to be having a similar effect for me. I give it five stars since it's a great way to see if Monoxidil will work for you at a much lower price point to Rogaine. It's a waste to buy a single bottle since you need to do this everyday for at least three months!