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  • Vicky Sharma - A good introduction to financial concepts

    The book provides a good introduction to financial concepts. It clearly exlains, in a progressive fashion, the concepts that form the basis of financial analysis and pricing.

  • Michael G - Amazing replacement for sprinkler rain sensor

    I have been using the product for about five months. It is so CLEVER! It was simple to install, replaces the old broken rain sensor with a smarter concept, and gives me control wherever I might be traveling. I have actually turned my sprinkler off from the other side of the country. Every home should have one of these!

  • Treesh - Good movie fun

    Yea, the storyline is a little mediocre (and occasionally just plain ridiculous). I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty certain there as some major inaccuracies here. I kind of just don't care. This is a fun movie to watch. I love disaster movies and this one crams several large-scale natural disasters into one movie with awesome special effects. I don't watch movies like this to analyze their scientific merit. Even the story-line is kind of secondary for me in a disaster movie. 2012 gets 5 stars from me. 4-stars for all the stuff blowing up, falling down, and getting smashed into by tornados. 1-star for the addition of Woody Harrelson.

  • dhdjms - Pretty interesting!!!!

    A good read. A couple chapters were a bit technical for me and I have a masters degree!!!! But then again it is science writing. ;). Great way to keep up with current concepts and much more entertaining than a text book!!!!

  • Robert G Betke Jr - HORRIBLE! Amateur

    HORRIBLE! Amateur! Trash! Total waste of time. The absolute worst acting I have EVER seen. I couldn't even get past ten minutes of it. I think whoever put this mess together did the entire thing with his high school graduation money and only used friends and family as the actors!!!!! "Ok Uncle George now remember you are Lord Of the Vampire Devils from Hell. And Action!!" LOL You've got to be pretty stoned to watch this one all the through or too lazy to put something better on!