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heureux-tchat blog : heureux -tchat (56) - cela parle du chat ouu on est des gens. bref un petit descriptif pour essayer de vous donner envie de venir :)

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  • cosmopath - Saved my life

    I used to be a shy, unattractive man who was over 100lbs overweight. I was stuck in a dark place, all alone with nothing to do. Then I heard Corey Feldman's masterpiece of an album Angelic 2 the Core, and it motivated me. I cruised around the city in my hot pink 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and blasted this album non stop, and it attracted all of the females. Now I have a wife, eighteen and a half kids, and Fred Durst as a best friend. My life got back in order lickety splickety. Thank you Corey.

  • RoseAnn - I would recommend

    It is very light and although it does not cover completely, it is exactly what I was looking for. You need to use a little more than the directions indicate, but there is quite a bit in the bottle. I read a review prior to purchasing that suggested a darker tone than you would normally purchase so I did and it was perfect. I would definitely recommend.

  • SAUGEY-VERON - be careful: I checked the expiration date on the ...

    be careful: I checked the expiration date on the 3 ordered packets , the product expires in August 2015, in a month. Nothing was said in the description.

  • BamaGirl24 - Very nice

    I love it it is wayyyyyy cheaper than the prove in GNC and I feel no more bloating as well as no more cramping and fatigue feeling. Feel light as a feather instead of always feeling weighed down. Haven't really lost any weight as of now. But I haven't been exercising or eating right either so. :/