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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • KEYUR H PARIKH - Poor Reception even in a Major Metro Area

    Poor reception for a major station such as NPR in a major metro area suburb. I drove around for 2 days and consistently reception was an issue. Can't live with that. I just listen to a one or two popular stations (mostly NPR).

  • Gary Guthrie - Impressed with the results, but give it some time to work

    I have a 1991 GMC full size van and taking out a leaky heater core is a big job requiring removal of the dash. I tried some other sealers with no luck, so this was a last ditch attempt to avoid the heater core replacement. The heater core had a slow leak in it, blowing a little steam onto the windows when cold outside - nothing dripping on the interior floor. I doubt that any product would work if the leak is too big, but if you have a seep, this product may work.

  • Eduardo - Nice dimensions, misc features

    Might not be the most advanced device but it fully covers my expectatives! Nice dimensions, misc features, full HD 1080p and great sound. Just love using it for playing videogames, movies, videoclips and several multimedia.

  • webbie HK - Expires before the end date

    I have had issues with McAfee before but still went ahead and bought it. The product often shows alerts that it expired and I have to restart the system so it will kick back into action.

  • Ann Manley - It was alright, but too short of a program for my taste

    I used this cleanse last year after finding it at a local store. I compared it to some others and it appeared to be a quick solution to a cleanse and had fairly decent reviews so I decided to try it. My personal experience was that it was not the worst cleanse that I have done (no major pain or issues) but I felt that 7 days of a cleanse did not necessarily give me enough of a cleanse to get the necessary and/or desired results. After I completed this cleanse I ended up purchasing a generic bottle of colon cleansing pills to make me feel completely cleansed.

  • michelle hamilton - Too complicated!

    This item did nothing for me. It's also too complicated. I did not like not using toothpaste. I stop using this after a couple of days.

  • William C. - Everything I Hoped for and More

    While I've been a long-time fan of Gaga, I wasn't incredibly impressed with ARTPOP. While I enjoyed almost all of the songs (especially Gypsy), I felt like a lot of the songs had too much instrumental and not enough vocal power. With this album her vocal power and emotion truly shine, coming together for a truly raw and emotional experience. Absolutely phenomenal.