The Neuenschwander Company - Promoting and facilitating wise development and sound deployment of medication-use automation.

  • Consulting Services - The Neuenschwander Company is not a KPMG nor even a Perot. We're lean and mean to stay that way.
  • In The Clean Room - In the Clean Room: A Review of Technology-Assisted Sterle Compounding Systems in the US
  • The Company - The Neuenschwander Company provides reports, consulting services, lectures, and seminars, which promote and facilitate wise development and sound deployment of medication-use automation—giving particular attention to medication-technology safety systems.

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  • Susan W. Sager - Works fantastic..

    Let me first saying about how I came to find this product. I have a myspace account with about 5,000 friends and I posted a bulletin on there about how I desperately needed to clean up after a male cat who sprayed and peed everywhere in my home. I received probably thirty or more emails and two of them were recommending me to try this product. I looked online and no one had this product but Amazon and then the website also said that Target carried it also.

  • Gougain - Takin' Care of Business

    This is what my Toyota Tacoma should have come with to begin with! Once that cheap stock, useless rear bumper was removed, and the new rear Body Armor bumper was put on, my truck took on a whole new persona. People don't park their cars, trucks or Mopeds near me. I don't worry about backing up and accidentally touching an observed object, because it will normally suffer the consequences, and not my truck. Lots of unsolicited comments. All positive! So, start taken' care of business, and put it in overdrive.

  • Paper Artist - sold!

    I bought this at Sally's and jumped at the chance to try it. I've wanted to try wen but again like others say, the price is high. I bought the one for color treated hair. I'm Hispanic with short ethnic hair that's color treated, not relaxed and usually wear it curly. I followed the directions and did not use a wide tooth comb in the shower. I think I used about 16 pumps in total. I let it sit in my hair while i shaved and shower and then rinsed out. At first I was skeptical cause I'm use to using a heavy conditioner and it just didn't feel soft enough for me, but when i towel dried my hair i then put three pumps in just to define my curls. I used nothing else. It worked out very well. My hair is super soft and the curls are really defined even in the insane hot humid 100 degree weather here in Tx. This is a winner. I'm going to try the one for dry hair to see which one I like best, but I tell you i'm not going back to reg shampoo that strips my color any more....