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  • Lizette - Best messenger bags ever!

    Timbuk2's specialty are these messenger bags. No need to try any other! They are worth every dollar because they can withstand any weather and abuse. The velcro is the strongest I've ever seen. This company comes from San Francisco where bikers are hard core; they've done their homework. I only wish I would've bought a newer version with the inside loop for water bottles. The medium was the best size for me because in can fit an amazing quantity without feeling bulky. And even if it is emptier, it's comfortable. I recommend the Classic the most.

  • Nbrskn - Perfect fit for APC Back-UPS 550

    Fit perfectly into my APC Back-UPS 550 and no problems for the last year. Invisible and that's a good thing.

  • Veritas Luke - Excellent Cheap Set

    This set of wrenches is perfectly acceptable for me. They fit snugly are don't bend or deform easily. I bought another set for my dad after the one I got for myself because he didn't have an organized set of wrenches all in one place. Also, the pouch these come in is cloth and won't get hard and brittle like a plastic pouch.

  • SewingRoom - Miraculous!!!

    This tea really works! I had always had irregular periods, but 2 years ago it began to only come about 5 times per year. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with PCOS but refused to take birth control pills. I searched high and low for remedies but to no avail. I started drinking this tea in November and have had a period every month since! They are not 28 days apart yet, but I had one in December, January, February and March. I finally feel like a "regular woman again!

  • Karen Barber - AWESOME SOFTWARE!

    I used different levels of another brand of software for YEARS... was a bit skeptical about ordering this product, but I am so glad I did! This is the best design software! I love the 3D views! It is so simple and easy to use! So glad I made the switch!

  • Amazon Customer - Works Well!

    This product is great. I've caught 8 squirrels in four days. I release them, I don't believe in killing them, several miles away. I don't understand the bad reviews. I put the bait in, wait maybe twenty minutes to a half hour and poof I've got a squirrel. I only catch one at a time as they don't like to be together in close proximity of each other. I still have several more to go, but they have been thinned out a bit so my birds come to eat. I recommend this as a humane way of getting rid of squirrels in your yard.