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  • David R. - Awsome Laptop @ Awsome $$$$$$$$

    My wife paid twice as much for her laptop at Bestbuy.....And she likes mine 100% better.....Fast easy to use, just what I was lookin g for. Product is 100% worth every penny.

  • Diane Blodgett - Asked for by my granddaughter

    My granddaughter wanted a truck with an excavator. Loved the mechanisms, She tried to dig dirt out of a potted plant. Fun for her and her brother.

  • M. Crenshaw - I have every reason to praise these vitamins but...

    I have the same challenge that many other reviewers have stated...the size. This is a very good quality product but the size hinders the eagerness to obtain the results/effects of taking the vitamin. I'm half tempted to administer by way of crushing and adding to my kids yoghurt or orange juice.

  • Jim Thomas - It really does WORK.

    This works where others do not. User it last night, got up at 5am today went out to check it. I approached the trap and saw 2 Skunks then as I was looking closer there were the bodies of 2 squirrels.

  • Daniel - Terrible. Sound cuts in and out constantly from day 1. Returned it on day 2.

    Don't even bother getting these. Sync to bluetooth devices cuts in and out constantly. Can't listen to music more than 2-3 seconds because it cuts out. Also, volume control can't be done. It's either your eardrum explodes or go mute. With the sound cutting off so bad, you'd probably like it to be mute and use it as an earplug instead of bluetooth earbuds. Just, don't waste your time and money.

  • TaraP813 - Not as easy as it looks

    I curl my naturally wavy/curly hair daily with a barrel curling iron. The Tyme videos looked so easy to use and seemed to create a better curl that I get on second day hair. The videos are misleading. It is no my easy to use and the Tyme is extremely heavy. After trying with Tyme and going back to my curling iron it was evident how heavy and difficult it is. I actually brought the iron into my salon for my stylist to try on me. She had similar feedback and the curl is actually difficult to manage, especially the ends. You can't just touch the ends like a traditional flat iron or curling iron, you have to redo the curl. Another drawback is there is not a function to turn down the heat- the iron is extremely hot and if you do the curls or hold the iron incorrectly, it makes your hair look frizzy, crimped and damaged. Even my stylist had a section of my hair turn into this damaged frizzy mess. Not worth it! It's going back! I will stick to my curling iron or flat iron for 1/4 of the cost!