Integrative Dry Needling Courses - IDN offers dry needling courses to licensed physical therapists and medical care professionals. We are the preferred dry needling course providers.

  • Advanced Integrative Dry Needling Courses - Advanced professional dry needling training courses for physical therapists and medical provider
  • Course Preparation - Integrative Dry Needling - Recommended books to read for your Integrative Dry Needling Course Preparation are Biomedical Acupuncture for Sports Rehabilitation and Pain Management
  • Pain Management Course Reviews - Integrative Dry Needling - Pain Management Course reviews are provided by dozens of former students who study to obtain Dry Needling Certifications and Pain management certifications
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  • Why Attend Dry Needling Courses? - Integrative Dry Needling - Dry needling courses offered by Integrative Dry Needling are different because they include Unique Concepts, Procedures & Techniques found nowhere else.
  • Dry Needling Scope of Practice - Integrative Dry Needling - Specific Dry Needling Scope of Practice decisions by US state as regulated by the Federation of State Boards
  • State Training Guidelines - Integrative Dry Needling - Integrative Dry Needling provides State Training Guidelines for dry needling courses around the United States
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Integrative Dry Needling - Most of the common questions about dry needling certification can be answered by reading the Integrative Dry Needling Frequently Asked Questions
  • Biomedical Acupuncture Books - Integrative Dry Needling - Books on integrative dry needling include Biomedical Acupuncture for pain management and Biomedical Acupuncture for sports rehabilitation.
  • History of Integrative Dry Needling - Integrative Dry Needling - Many ask what is dry needling. The history of dry needling and has been rooted in empirical science. Integrative dry needling has been built on standing information
  • Recommended Websites - Integrative Dry Needling - Integrative Dry Needling recommends many other websites who support dry needle therapy and integrated dry needling.
  • About Us - Integrative Dry Needling - Integrative Dry Needling faculty includes Dr. Frank Gargano, Dr. Yun-tao Ma, and Dr. David Griswold. The mission is to offer evidence based Dry Needling Concepts
  • Dr. Frank Gargano - Integrative Dry Needling - Dr. Frank Gargano has used his Integrative Dry Needling therapy and other dysfunctions. He has over 25 years of orthopedic physical therapy experience.
  • Dr. Yun-tao Ma, PhD - Integrative Dry Needling - Dr. Yun-tao Ma, PhD is the authority on Integrative Dry Needling and conducts dry needling certification courses through the American Dry Needling Institute.
  • Dr. David Griswold - Integrative Dry Needling - Dr. David Griswold is a practitioner of Dry Needling and has received his Dry Needling Certification through Dr. Ma’s Biomedical Dry Needling Institute
  • Dr. Nick Sanders - Integrative Dry Needling - Dr. Nick Sanders was trained by Dr. Frank Gargano in Dry Needling. He is a Doctor of Physical Therapy
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    My kids especially love this. I have kids aged 2, 8, 11, and 16. Each of them has tons of fun playing this.