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  • BookLady - It Works!

    I suffer from Interstitial cystitis which I manage through modifying my diet to eliminate foods that trigger the problem. But it is so hard to be 100% "good" when lots of favorite foods can trigger a flare up (think: chocolate, citrus, tomatoes, onions, alcohol, caffeine, spices, and many others). My doctor recommended AZO for flare ups and it works every time. I only need to use a couple of tablets once or twice a week, but it takes away the pain and discomfort. Beware that your urine will turn a deep bright orange for a day.

  • DK the DJ - yet all so good, that I read them twice

    stories so varied, yet all so good, that I read them twice ! Now seeking other writings by these accomplished authors.

  • Janelle Bicknell - A journey of sexual discovery.

    An emotional book detailing ones journey on finding his sexual identity along the way he explores a close relationship with a dachshund after he describes that Great Danes are too big and chihuahua are too small.

  • H. Kitchen - Will not run on my current Windows 7 System

    Purchased to replace 2006 version and on installation chose not to keep old program. Installed quickly with indication of successful installation. Would not start, indicating mfc100.dll missing from computer. Followed instructions to reinstall with same result. Tried uninstalling program, rebooting, then installing again - many times. Same result. Can not get this program to run, so will return and look for another product on Amazon.

  • CPRoe - Worth the extra money

    My son gets terrible diaper rash and this and one other product are the only ones that seem to help him. The price is much better than purchasing at a baby store or a box store (they sell a smaller package size than the baby store). This stuff is super thick and stays put. In my sons first week we tried the old school big name brand and found it to be much thinner smeared everywhere and did not help his rash at all. He also has extremely sensitive skin - and this does not seem to bother him - and it cleared up his rash within a few days. Miracle product work the extra money.

  • Hasan CAKIR - Very good

    One of the best price/performence mini in the market. It has only one USB port and wifi reception is rather poor but still works pretty nice.

  • Josh&Lila Dodson - Running on a cloud!

    These are great shoes to run in. I did a lot of research based on my style running and how my feet hit the ground. The shoes really support my back when I run! Compared to other shoes that I have used, these shoes make me feel like I'm running on a cloud.