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  • Michael Davis - That F-ing Flowers

    At least as entertaining as the other Flowers stories, with just the right mix of excitement, detective work and humor. Great characters - some new, some recurring - and a satisfying ending. Highly recommended!


    This jelly sheet is very thin and pops when in the oven so loudly that it scares the wits out of you the first time it happens. You think your oven is exploding. It is difficult to clean and after several uses discolors and you can't scrub it off. It is useful but not a high grade product.. You get what you pay for.

  • David P. - Dont buy this product

    Try to down load then it gives you an error message code 30088-4 and sends you to the web for a fix. The fix is to uninstall Microsoft office. I did not want to do this and lose my outlook set up and the days work that had not been backed up on the external hard drive. So i look for the e-mail from amazon and all my Microsoft office had already been removed. So i went through the procedures to uninstall office and install publisher but the other office products did not reinstall like tech support said they would. So i went to the back up and reinstalled office publisher was not installed. Call tech support followed there instructions went through the same procedures with the same resalts. but this time i cant reinstall from the external back up. So now i am stuck with out outlook to check email, Excel to do my reports no word or power point. Good by Microsoft and Windows 8.1 i will by an apple tomorrow. but not form Amazon