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    This book had quiz 7, 27. 45, 53, 63, 71, 83, 95, 105, 121 torn out of the book, And first day of class we had to do quiz 7 and 27 which i did not have! thanks

  • Allen Muramoto - Top notch product and straightforward easy installation.

    Simple installation. No more than 20 minutes. Quality materials as mentioned in all of the reviews. Requires phillips screwdriver. A torx wrench is not necessary.

  • Amazon Customer - Epic Fail

    Used it last night on my 3 cats. Followed directions - lathered well, let it sit on them for 5mins, washed thoroughly... 18 hours later, they are still scratching from fleas. I used a flea comb before and after, and again an hour ago.

  • HUKA - Love this stuff

    This is my 2nd tube of this and does a wonderful job of finishing off my newly gray hair - makes it shiny and stays in place. Use after blow dry my hair for a finishing touch - not too greasy and light enough to re-mold hair if need to.

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  • kenny - Might not work for all but it worked for me ...

    Might not work for all but it worked for me. Mines came with a antibacterial pill thing which I took as well as these and got rid of my uti! Drank a lot of water and stayed consistent with taking these :)

  • Christ's Crusader - Failed after one month of use

    I purchased these headphones on August 26th and today October 4th they have stopped working! The audio is fantastic but they only last about one month and then fail. I have contacted customer service but we will see how quick they are to respond!