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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • NanaB - Great quality for the price!

    The quality has been much better than expected. My dog is comfortable and loves his new dog house. A dog bed pad fits perfectly into the house, and keeps our old dog comfortable.

  • E. E. Jacquot - Be aware that this book contains some pretty notable mistakes

    Be aware that this book contains some pretty notable mistakes. Specifically, on pg 132, the diagram of the heart is labeled wrong in two places (the atria are both mislabeled as "right aorta"). There is no contact information anywhere for the publisher, and it appears they print the book once you order it. I would recommend going with a bigger name publisher/study guide for this type of material.

  • Rose - waste of money and deceptive!

    We bought this at the dealership with our new Nissan. It was presented as a wonderful product and that any SCRATCHES, dents or dings would be repaired. We thought that was a no brainer since we have 3 kids and they aren't always very careful. I just tried to make a claim on a long scratch on the door and was told scratches are not covered - NOT what the dealership told us! The customer service STINKS and I was basically told I was an idiot for not reading the warranty carefully. Don't purchase!!!!!! :( I guess I really am an idiot!

  • Lisa O - Handy little face wash

    Great face wash for all skin types. I have very sensitive skin so I can first say that this face wash did not irritate my skin at all. It washed my face clean and I didn't feel overly dry afterwards like other facial cleansers. It didn't have any moisturizers in so I didn't give it five stars

  • m evans - Funny and Fun To Start, But Couldn't Keep Up The Pace

    There were many funny moments and the first third of the movie achieved an unexpected freshness in it's take on the original. All of the leads were talented and spot-on funny. The second two-thirds of the movie were not nearly as funny and fresh; although I still enjoyed it, toward the end I was mostly waiting for it to be over. A good movie, but the writing was not able to keep up the pace throughout.


    This is a very well written warning and a quick read - thought somewhat frightening! I wish more people were paying attention to these and other topics (hello, climate change!) that will powerfully effect the destiny of our descendants. Every time I look into the eyes of a youngster, I want to apologize for not fixing what can easily be foreseen which will cause them to live a future that didn't have to be.