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  • http://japandailypress.com/actor-george-takei-supports-equal-gender-rights-movement-in-japan-0649106/ Actor George Takei supports equal gender rights movement in Japan - The Japan Daily Press - It was not easy for “Star Trek” actor George Takei to come out of the closet. Fear for his career and what other people would say has prevented him from
  • http://japandailypress.com/g7-nations-express-deep-concern-on-increasing-tensions-in-east-and-south-china-seas-0649086/ G7 nations express “deep concern” on increasing tensions in East and South China seas - The Japan Daily Press - As tensions in the East China and South China Seas continue to escalate, the Group of Seven nations (G7) has expressed concern over the situation in the region.
  • http://japandailypress.com/softbank-to-release-personal-use-robots-by-2015-0549082/ SoftBank to release ‘personal use’ robots by 2015 - The Japan Daily Press - Not having enough manpower will soon be a thing of the past with robots hitting the market to assist people in their daily tasks. Japanese phone and Internet
  • http://japandailypress.com/pm-abe-reportedly-planning-a-historic-trip-to-north-korea-0549071/ PM Abe reportedly planning a historic trip to North Korea - The Japan Daily Press - Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is reportedly planning a trip to its reclusive neighbour North Korea in what may well be both a historic and controversial
  • http://japandailypress.com/japanese-stem-cell-scientist-obokata-finally-agrees-to-retract-papers-on-stap-cells-0449037/ Japanese stem cell scientist Obokata finally agrees to retract papers on STAP cells - The Japan Daily Press - Amid the scandal that surrounded Riken Institute stem cell researcher Haruko Obokata, it can be remembered that she co-wrote two papers published on the
  • http://japandailypress.com/testimony-of-fukushima-plant-manager-reveals-safety-inspectors-were-first-to-flee-during-disaster-0448984/ Testimony of Fukushima plant manager reveals safety inspectors were first to flee during disaster - The Japan Daily Press - Masao Yoshida – the former plant manager of the Fukushima nuclear power plant during the time when it was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in
  • http://japandailypress.com/new-campaign-asks-employees-to-dress-casually-for-work-to-save-energy-0248939/ New campaign asks employees to dress casually for work to save energy - The Japan Daily Press - A new campaign by the Japanese government is something that probably a lot of people would gladly follow. The "Super Cool Biz" campaign aims to encourage
  • http://japandailypress.com/playstation-game-predicts-good-results-for-the-samurai-blue-in-brazil-0949116/ PlayStation game predicts good results for the Samurai Blue in Brazil - The Japan Daily Press - Looking past the doom and gloom that banking conglomerate Goldman Sachs has predicted for the Japanese men’s national football team – popularly known as the
  • http://japandailypress.com/study-shows-lay-judges-mete-out-harsher-punishments-than-professional-judges-0949074/ Study shows lay judges mete out harsher punishments than professional judges - The Japan Daily Press - If the public thinks the lay judge system is not working, think again. In fact, a study made by the Supreme Court showed that lay judges give out more severe

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  • Makes ¢ents - Soft

    The color and the texture of this item are really nice. It says it’s a bassinet sheet but just like the picture shows it is rectangular. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit my oval bassinet thing because it does very nicely, but it does allow excess in the corners that I'm afraid will be pulled and bunch up when the baby starts to move a whole lot. (I don't know this for a fact but it seems like it would.)

  • BEA - Devorah - If you ran Norton Antivirus 2012 and loved it... you'll hate this

    I have been a Norton fan since 2005... before that I was a McAfee fan because Norton products hogged up computer performance and McAfee did not. Well this update takes us back to the bad old days... I should have read the forums outside of amazon before I made the purchase. Norton 2013 slows your PC down to a crawl and has add-on products popping out all over like legs on a spider. Horrible! I took my laptop back to factor with a full formate and reinstall just to get rid of it. Thankfully a friend told me about Microsofts Security Essentials which is a FREE Antivirus/Spyware that knits into your OS like ice melts into water. I have never ran so smoothly... tip: make sure you get all your important updates and if you have a mass of them like I did from doing a full format be sure to install the Windows updates in small chunks of about 10 at a time... its quicker than trying to get all the updates with one massive download and install. BEWARE OF NORTON Antivirus 2013 until they get the performance issues fixed... for better still do a format and reinstall using the FREE Microsoft Security Essentials from Microsoft.