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  • Amazon Customer - One of the best books about what is happening in America today from a long term perspective

    This is a perceptive book that looks at how America has changed between the day of Kennedy's assination and today. He purposely constrains the analysis to white people only so no hint of raceism could be seen. It is not a pretty picture for many but for a few it is very nice. His prescription for change will find many who agree and many who will not. One of the best books I have read in the last 5 years.

  • Karen Van Wyhe - Great oil for hair

    I mainly bought this because I have been using the oil in my hair for over 2yrs and wanted to try the shampoo and conditioner and the leave in conditioner and all have been exactly what I was expecting.

  • Niteowl415 - Great fit but not transparent enough

    great product. fits snug to the phone but not too hard where it's hard to remove. just have to be careful how you take it off and on. the instructions are very helpful. the only thing i dont like is the fact that it's supposed to be transparent, but i can't see the apple logo on the back with the case on like it shows in the picture

  • Tiffany - This helps other potential buyers find and read the helpful reviews for this product easily. Thank you

    We were a little confused on how these actually worked. Yu take the sticker off of the stick and there are small holes at the bottom of the stick. After doing that stir your drink with the stick and the powder that is inside mixes with your drink. We used it in orange juice and it didn't change the flavor of the juice really at all. However, my husband did lick the stick when he was done and said that there was still powder inside and it was quite bitter on it's on. He wasn't fond of that taste. We kept the sticks inside our drink while drinking t just to make sure all the powder was or and mixed well. We could tell big time that the caffeine in these was strong! We were defiantly awake! We also did not crash at all throughout the day which was a pleasant surprise. We also didn't drink any coffee and that is something we both do daily.

  • Andrew - I can definitely tell there is a difference. I ...

    I can definitely tell there is a difference. I am a lot more articulate in conversation, and more thorough in my daily activities. There does seem to be a come down with this supplement however, similar to a cafiene crash. Not worth the expensive price tag. I'm gonna go with Joe Rogan on this one, and just make my own