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  • Mary Keelan - BEST guide for independent travelers

    Rick Steves regularly goes to each place he reviews: lodging, dining, & places of interest, & is very thorough in his reviews. He invites travelers to come in 'through the back door', getting to know the locals & visiting the 'real' culture. If you like American hotels & food, don't take his advice. But if you want to sink into the culture, you can't go wrong with Rick Steves.

  • Marlon Datu - Great small oven, especially when cooking individual meals!

    My mom is an "As Seen on TV" junkie and loves to purchase these gadgets if they really can sell it to her. I'm usually a skeptic, but this one also interested me. After convincing her to buy here than with the phone number or website from the infomercial (it is MUCH cheaper here), we finally ordered one. As a family that is full of people on the go, we rarely make family meals. Instead of turning on a big oven to cook a meal for one, this oven really saves time and cleanup! We still have yet to explore all the different uses for this oven, but the different accessories and booklet this oven comes with really remind us of its potential. Despite note using it in many different ways, we definitely have been using it a lot. It is now the preferred oven and the go-to appliance when cooking meals.