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  • Amazon Customer - Chef's Arsenal/MarketWarehouse does not check its products for quality.

    Chef's Arsenal/Market Warehouse supplier: I have used Intuit in the pass without a problem, and I always purchased from Amazon as the supplier. However, this supplier sold me this item and it will not completely download. I tried several times. I uninstalled and reinstalled this product multiple times to no avail. I will not purchase from Chef's Arsenal/Market Warehouse again.


    Wanted to keep window glass on my new car showroom clean and clear, after having problems with visibility in my previous car caused by drive-through car washes and do-it-yourself gas station squeegie window washing. This product keeps all car windows crystal clear with minimum effort, especially when used with separate applicator. No other product will ever touch my car's windows. Super product!

  • Carol Knor - the best way to gamble!!!

    this casino set is so much better then the older one. You can actually win the jackpots on the slots, without losing your shirt. Graphics are amazing. Lots of new slots. Playing with a lot of the old characters. The face maker has more choices. Lots of fun to use. Sound is excellent. Love it!!!!!