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  • joseph moss - golfdigest

    Cutting edge with video and access.You will enjoy the digital version more than the print.Get it today on kindle! Yay

  • TomNmineola - Great emergency backup generator

    I had one question that I was not able to answer until the generator arrived, and that was if it used regular gas. It does. It needs at least 87 octane, which was what I wanted to know. I was impressed with the way it was packaged for shipment. There was a metal and a wooden block which had to be removed. The tools to remove them were included. However, it took more torque to remove one of the bolts than the little open end wrench could apply, so I had to use one of my own drivers to get it out. I also ordered the wheel kit, and discovered that one of the bolts used two different sized drivers that were on the same wrench - 10mm for the bolt and 12mm for the nut. Bottom line is, you need to have some of your own tools to get the generator ready. Once that was taken care of I discovered that the only effective way to add oil is to tip the generator on its side so the oil filler opening opens up instead of on the side. Otherwise you will get oil all over the place, even with a funnel. I added 20 oz of oil and put in about half a gallon of gas and tried to start it. After several unsuccessful tries I realized I had not turned the ignition switch on. It's only a big red switch on the control panel. I left the choke closed and it fired right up on the first try after that, but it put out a bit of smoke and ran rough until I opened the choke. In less than a minute the speed settled down and the engine ran nice and smooth. I connected a 250 watt heat lamp and flipped the main breaker. It lit right up and the generator didn't skip a beat. Since I had no immediate need to use the generator I decided to drain the tank. I followed the instructions and removed the sediment bowl. It was next to impossible to get the gas out that way without spilling it, and it just dribbled out very slowly. When I went to put the bowl back on the O-ring between it and the carburator came out. It was tricky getting it back in place, but eventually I got it back. What I plan to do is get a length of fuel line and use it to drain the gas from the petcock instead. If all this sounds like I am being critical, I am just pointing out the MINOR difficulties I had. On the good side, the engine starts easily and runs reasonably quiet. The output is what you would expect. I bought a Coleman extension which converted the 30A outlet to two regular outlets, so all together it provides four outlets. It does not have 220V, but I knew that. I would have needed a larger generator to run my well pump anyway. Overall, given the price and free shipping, I consider this one great generator for emergency backup use. It might be overkill for camping needs, but for the price, why not. I may be back here with an update if we have one of our frequent power outages that lasts long enough for me to justify wheeling it out and filling it up. I would definitely recommend this generator to anyone needing up to 3300 watts continuous power at 110V.

  • Hy Janecyk - Alien Dragon finds his mate

    I really enjoyed this book. I hadn't read any of the others ones so I didn't know the whole back story of Melissa. Jarek is a Preor War Master bringing a ship of fellow Preors to Earth for Mates as his final mission. Once a Preor finds his mate they both get "The Knowing". That freaked out Melissa! Melissa is the nanny to the Ujal princess (she's trying to make amends for her brother's actions). Since Jarek was forbidden from finding a mate it causes quite a problem. With Preors trying to kill him and Melissa trying to fight the mating Jarek isn't sure what to do. They get their HEA! I can't wait to read about more Preor's (and now have to go back and get the Ujal books!). I was given a copy for an honest review. I really love Celia Kyle's stories

  • Debra Ann Samples - I am a long time user of Adobe's products (InDesign ...

    I am a long time user of Adobe's products (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.) and require it on a daily basis to perform at my job. The cloud has made it nearly impossible to do this. It fails constantly. I've tried to work with Adobe, even let them remote into my system and regardless of what they do, it continues to fail. Crash after crash after crash. When working offline, products cease and claim that they need to be registered regardless of how many times you've done so.

  • Ninni Lindgren - Great job done!

    My friend has this FOREĀ® Nostalgia USB Cassette/Tape Converter and he recommend me to purchase it and really I done and enjoy the old music which I never thought before. I was surprised at the quality of an inexpensive converter like this. I wanted some homemade cassettes converted from over 30 years ago and it did a great job. The quality of these old cassettes were really the best on its condition and I was pleased with the outcome.