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  • Amazon Customer - It's everything the seller said it is. The case ...

    It's everything the seller said it is. The case hold the phone in place. The only thing is don't put too much in it cause the case won't sit flush

  • Kimberly Gravitter - small

    Had to return this backpack. Way too small, much smaller than picture shows. Other than that it was fine. hooo

  • Amazon Customer - A good product

    Ordered from Amazon because this wasn't easy to find in any local stores/pharmacies. I had a bad acne breakout a week or two after starting a new daily exercise regimen. I was sweating a lot! I'm sure this contributed to my breakout and within 10-14 days of regular use my skin is clear again. I am an adult male with very oily T-zone skin.

  • Been There - Stop and Look at the Facts

    The author was writing this publication based on his step by step experience prior to joining the Navy. He is now a pilot with his wings!! Maybe the one's that are criticizing are doing so in the event they were unable to make it. Why is it wrong to voice your opinion and offer insight to someone that wants the same career goal? This is a book based on one mans personal experience, day by day, to achieve a dream and lifetime commitment to his career.

  • Erin - Results Seen After 3 Weeks

    Initially when I started using this product, it made my eyes itchy but after 3 days it seemed to go away. This is super easy to apply and is of a clear color. I was putting it on in the morning at first, but decided that it was better to put this on before bed. You do need to make sure that you apply this at the root of your eyelashes which can be a little difficult at first. Just be sure not to apply it on your eyelashes like you would a mascara or it will not be as effective. I started to notice small growth after 3 weeks. You are not going to see growth overnight but if you give it some time you will start to see small natural growth. This is the first time I have used a product like this and am happy with it. It did receive this product for a discount in exchange for my honest opinion which is 100% my own.