Heroin Addiction? Get Real Support and Help From Recovering Addicts and Experts - Heroin Addiction is not discriminatory and can affect anyone and everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race, weight, height, etc. This community provides support from real recovering addicts and experts and recommends the best treatments to help heroin addicts conquer their drug addiction.

  • Heroin Addiction and Recovery Blog - Get the Latest News and Information About Heroin Addiction and Recovery Here. - Get up to date news related to heroin and opiate addiction and recovery contributed by real recovering drug addicts, counselors, doctors and other experts. You are also encouraged to participate and contribute your own.
  • The Publisher's Heroin Recovery Story - The Publisher of "Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™" suffered from heroin and opiate addiction and on this page, shares his story.
  • Meet the Admins of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™ - Meet those responsible for helping make the "Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™" what it is today and read their heroin recovery success stories.
  • Heroin: What is Heroin and Why Do People Get Addicted? - What is heroin and why do people get addicted? Learn why people use heroin, how it works to get people 'high' and why heroin has become such a dangerous epidemic nationwide. Moreover, learn which treatments for heroin are the most effective and garner support from other recovery heroin addicts just like you.
  • Highway to Heroin: Dangers of Using Oxycodone, Percocet and Other Opiates - Using drugs such as Oxycodone, Percocet, Morphine and other opiates is dangerous enough. Worse yet, they can lead users to become addicted (whether prescribed or used recreationally), they can lead to heroin and they can lead to death.
  • Heroin Addiction: Warning Signs and Dangers - Are you addicted to heroin? Heroin or opiate use is bad enough, but the occasional user can easily become addicted. Read this page to learn whether or not you may be addicted to heroin or other opiates.
  • Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms and Effects - Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide - What are heroin withdrawal symptoms? Heroin withdrawal can be brutal and the reality of these horrible symptoms and effects can be so gruesome that it keeps heroin addicts using the drug rather than stopping. Learn more about them here.
  • Dangers of Heroin Addiction: Death and More? - What are the dangers of heroin addiction? Heroin can inevitably lead to death, but even those who survive can be affected in many horrible ways. This page will explain how.
  • Beating Heroin - Treatment Options for Heroin Addiction - Beating heroin requires hard work and selecting the right treatment option for you. Learn about real heroin treatment and recovery options and why beating heroin is possible.
  • Methadone Really Works: Recovery Success Stories, Warnings and More - Methadone maintenance therapy or MMT when done right is a viable treatment option for heroin and/or opiate addiction. Learn more about the benefits, limitations and potential problems with methadone.
  • Suboxone? Be Careful: Suboxone Works But Can Be Abused - Suboxone? Be careful Suboxone can be an excellent medical treatment option to help conquer heroin addiction. However, many people abuse Suboxone and it can be dangerous if it's not used as directed by a licensed suboxone doctor.
  • Vivitrol, ReVia and Naltrexone - Treatments for Heroin Addiction - Naltrexone, Vivitrol and Revia? Learn the differences between each treatment and why Naltrexone may help heroin users conquer their addiction.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: Is the 12 Step Program The Only Way? - The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous created the 12 step program in order to help people conquer their addiction to alcohol and various drugs (including heroin). But is the twelve step program the only way?
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  • All natural - Patiently waiting

    I started taking them about 3 days ago I havn't noticed but I am feeling heavier in the butt region 😄! Will definitely get back to you!

  • Nick Sindelar - Great Way to Summarize Cavs Championship Team

    People complaining about this not being replays of the games are imbeciles. I never, for a second, thought that's what this was supposed to be. This documentary summarizes the Cavs championship from the very beginning, to the end. Beginning with Lebron being drafted in 2003, to him leaving and the Cavs rebuilding via Kyrie and Tristan. This video is packed with never before seen footage and that's exactly what I wanted to see. Not replays of the games I already saw. Not all the highlights we've seen in every other Cavs season recap. If you want to see new content, including interviews with nearly every person on the team, this is a great buy.

  • Erik F. - Fizzics Is the Best and Easiest Way to Get the Draft Beer Experience From Bottle or Can At Your Home

    This thing is awesome. It's part gimmick, part actually functioning beer tapper/dispenser. It does what claims to do. It's not something everyone needs or will want. I like it for tapping a freshly filled growler the best.It's the closest to a draft beer experience without having the expense, the space, or the maintenance of a kegerator. I find the machine works best for styles of beer that are not super hoppy or high ABV that have very sharp flavors and typically don't pour heads. I would never put an imperial stout or a barley wine, or probably anything barrel aged in this machine as the very sharp alcohol and complex flavors will tend to get smoothed over by the pseudo-nitro head. But for any kind of lagers, stouts, brown ales, wheat beers, session able beer styles, even 40 ounce malt liquor bottles, those are the best. I don't use the machine every time I want to drink a beer. But when I am craving and smooth and creamy texture similar to draft beer, I'll tap myself a can or bottle.

  • L. Thompson - Unbeatable for price and quality

    T-Fal's nonstick cookware is the best for the price. You can pay a lot more for nonstick pans: they'll be heavy and the nonstick feature is the same. If you're thinking that buying more expensive nonstick pans will make the nonstick finish last longer, you'd be wrong. That's what I thought. I have several expensive nonstick pans and the nonstick will peel off of those just as quickly as any other nonstick pan. What really makes the difference with nonstick is HOW YOU TREAT IT. Read the Do's And Don'ts when you get your pans. Never heat above medium. It'll take longer to bring water to a boil or to stir-fry, but it WILL get hot enough. Never wash your nonstick in the dishwasher and wait until it cools to hand wash. Always use plastic or wood utensils: never use anything that will scratch the surface. Don't use spray release cooking agents as you don't need them and they can cause a film to develop on the surface. Never let your pots boil dry - use a timer to remind you.