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  • Gerardo Anaya - Do not buy

    I recently purchased this item-excited about ridding self of all the clutter. To my dismay, the scanner gets stuck frequently. The update program 5.something does not work with Adobe Acrobat and frequently looses information. :-( Not worth the expense. BEWARE.

  • tiffany - it works!

    this product definitely made my hair grow. it wasn't lightning quick or anything, but it did help a lot especially since my hair is broken and damaged. my only complaint was that it sort of dried out my hair but what can you expect from horse shampoo! lol if you run out of conditioner I hope you have hats because without it your hair gets brittle and gross! overall good product tho.

  • Amazon Woman - Don't waste your money or time......

    For something so expensive, it should work. This does NOT help me in any way. I was told this would keep track of my inventory and sales, NOT. Plus you need to pay a monthly fee for this and or that. They just wasted my money and I can't return it because I just opened it. This was purchased more than 30 days ago.

  • Linda Burdick - Worst yet!

    It is the absolute worst beauty product I have ever bought and I have bought many products. My face broke out and it was difficult to get them to stop sending it to me. thought Ms. Crawford was a reputable professional, but I personally doubt that she uses the product she zealously markets. When I cancelled the monthly shipments, I was harassed. Their customer service reeks. Beware!

  • Mr. Peterson - Excellent, comprehensive, necessary

    Biggest boggle with the book was the way in which it was laid out. But the information it covered was definitely helpful, especially once I took the test. CD was very helpful as well.

  • Vin Tej - No Point buying TT products n December or January

    I have been using TT Business since the last 7 years and for the last 3 years I buy it in December or early January - but I find it is useless buying it before February because you cannot file the taxes - this is because while using TT business it says that the IRS forms are not available so you cannot file. So now I have to wait until Feb/March. My question is why sell a product that cannot do the primary function that it was intended to do. To me it seems like a scam from TurboTax - actually if I had the time I would file a lawsuit for misleading customers.

  • Betty L.Brown - I love it!

    I love Nite White products. Our dental office has switched to something else, so I ordered this from Amazon. It's a great consistency, so that you can apply a small drop to the whitening trays, and it tastes good--kind of minty. The 22% whitens fast, so I only used it three times so far, but no sign of sensitivity.