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  • A. Rutherford - Easy, tasty, with great results

    bias alert - I know Jorge, and I'm in this book - but when I did the BFC I was coming off a period of illness and weight gain, and was not getting results through diet and exercise. Jorge and his program were a miracle for me. I lost a ton of weight relatively quickly (I don't recall how much/how quickly nowadays), and I have managed to keep it off in the years since (somewhere between 2008 and 2010). Once I lost some weight I felt great, and of course exercise was much easier. I don't follow the diet strictly now, but I always read labels, limit sugar and exercise every day.

  • Claying Nicholas - Strategies and ideas related to passive income

    This book gave me a lot of new terms and strategies on making extra money from passive income. The author showed me the ways of being motivated, designing a plan and raising passive income. The list of different income resources is particularly useful and all the platforms are described here with a lot of info. The book is well structured and represented all the information along with the procedures of passive income through those sources in an easy and effective way. I found Its tips helpful to plan for my own strategy in making passive income.

  • Matthew Clous - Awesome device for cord cutters.

    A friend of mine told me to check this product out, and I'm glad that I did. I got mine a few days ago and have been loving it so far. I can see where some less tech savvy folks may find it a bit difficult to use at first, but it really isn't all that complicated once you get the hang of it. The amount of content available for streaming with this device is amazing, and the video quality has been every bit as good as what I had with cable.

  • dolphinlover77 - I use it for Java coding and so far so good.

    I love it and it's pretty fast too. I bought this for school and won't really use it for anything else. I use it for light coding projects. A few tips to help you decide if you're on the fence about purchasing this laptop. You get 1 year warranty in case something happens and this laptop can be upgraded. Other laptops in the price range of 150-200 can't be upgraded but this one can. If you do any upgrades I would wait until the one year warranty expires.