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City: 8.3601 Baden-W├╝rttemberg Region, Germany

  • Margie - I was amazed. They look like new

    I thought I was going to have to have my kitchen cabinet doors below my sink repaired or replaced. I had nothing to lose so I tried this product. I was amazed. They look like new. In addition, I used this on my parquet wood floor where the sun had faded several of the areas and a rough rug wore part of the finish off. It colored the area perfectly. I also used it in both of my bathrooms where water had run down the front of the oak cabinets. They colored perfectly and I never had to sand or anything, Just rubbed it on all of these surfaces with no sanding. I am so pleased with this and I would highly recommend. Thank you.

  • Ramen Girl - Free my butt!

    Free version sucks! Keep getting offers while in the middle of other processes! Wouldn't leave me alone, so I uninstalled. AFTER uninstalling, my computer wouldn't work right. Sluggish, keypad, keyboard, internet all buggy! Thanks a lot Avast! should not be allowing this to go on. UNINSTALLED. Free my butt! Free problems maybe...

  • Black Beauty - Strange but good product so far?????

    Well i have been using this product for almost three weeks and i have not noticed any growth in my hair or if the product is helping with my skin, I will have to do an update on the progress of my hair and skin..but what i have notice is that this product helps me with frequent bowl movement's. ..i didnt buy this product for that but iam not mad at all because having frequent bowles has always been a challenge for me. Now i feel as though my body is cleansing with this product and i know that a cleansed body equals nice skin and good health..also i notice that alot of people who write reviews on this product hates the taste..well its not the best taste but for me i dont hate it either it taste like prune juice and the taste lasts for a few seconds iam glad there is no lingering after taste though. Overall so far i like this product and will update my review after iam done with the bottle.

  • Lynette Lopez - Ok shaping tool

    Comes in a black box which you could give as a gift to the man in your life. The shaping tool helps guide the guy into getting that perfect cut all the time. The shaping tool work great the only down side it has to be held flush against the skin so if the guy moves his hand and moves the shaping tool the perfect cut he was aiming for won't be that perfect after all. My boyfriend tried it out and said that although it works it can be frustrating holding a shaping tool to your face the whole time. I watched him become irritated with the tool until I stepped in and held it for him. I received this beard shaping tool for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • DashOneCharlie - Worth the Switch

    Great value. Handle has a nice heft, blades work well and they last! **Update** These blades stay sharp longer than any razor I've ever used...and it's actually cheaper to just buy a new one with blades than buy just the blades.