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  • Angel - Miracle in a jar!!!!

    I have been using this cream for almost 3 weeks now and my results are amazing. I apply cream twice a day morning and evening you have to be consistent.

  • J. R. Anderson - Alton at his best

    Great recipes, that are approachable by the mere mortal cook - in both ingredients and process. Book is rich in visuals. Very well done.

  • Dina Reynolds - So far so good!

    I do like this for the main reason that it does not crack or get dried up and old if you leave it out to brave the weather elements. I have to run a hose year round to my water pump around the house and the ones I used to use did not last long. This Gilmour is flexible and does not kink up easily like garden hoses I have used in the past. I think I got more than my monies worth this time around with this product. Thanks Gilmour!

  • Stephen N. Shields - It's a SCAM.

    It's widely advertised as $19.95 but - we discovered - in the fine print they charge you over $300. Getting the return authorization took about 15 minutes, 2 representatives, and a hold. Don't purchase!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Would buy again

    Easy to apply and it looks great on my black car. It looks like it was a factory option. Great find.

  • B. Lutynski - Wish we could return it

    I bought this for my husband who suffers from low testosterone and fatigue. He took two pills a day/morning & night for one week. When it was time to refill his pill case for the week he told me he was going to stop taking them because they are making it so hard for him to urinate. I wish I had researched products/places to purchase because I would have liked some sort of refund at least partial.