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  • Prairie Owl - This won't work if your accountant uses Windows!!!

    I purchased QB for mac and loved it until I found out that my accountant (who uses Windows) could not open my backup file! I made the backup using the feature 'backup to Windows.' I sent the file to QB data services and they returned a "corrected backup". My accountant still could not open it. I called QB and they said that it cannot be opened on Windows. I am extremely upset with QB because now I have to re-enter all the information I put on the mac back into Windows. DO NOT BUY QB FOR MAC BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE CONVERTED TO WINDOWS!!

  • Vanesa - Coolest straightener I have used

    This product is amazing. It cuts the straightening process in half. I don't know how well this brush will work on curly hair. I have straight hair (for the most part) but sometimes my layers dry funny or my top layers are frizzy and staticky that i am forced to straighten my hair. I love that the brush is gentle on my hair. I am not left with any crunchy, dry ends like my straightener left at times. The only complaint I have is that it is not easy to get close to the roots with this product. Maybe a semi-curved brush would fix that tiny problem

  • stacey rybak - Garbage

    Made me naushes as hell, gave me headaches, and made me very dizzy. I took as directed and attempted to work out, but it made me so sick I could barley move. It did not help me lose weight at all. This went right in the trash, avoid this one.

  • Glen G - (edit) 7+ years, still works as intended

    Pour in a couple cups of ice, water to the line, lay the bottle in it, and it spins the bottle while pumping ice water over it. Room temp to COLD in 9 minutes - does not damage the wine (constant & even spin, no shake), though there a "no-spin" option that takes a few minutes longer. Will do soda cans, beer bottles up to 1-liter wine. $50 - and that has gotten a lot of use when kid's mothers drop over for a Saturday afternoon playdate and hang out with my wife!