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  • Krista D - 4.5 Stars

    I would give it a 4.5 but this computer does come pre-installed with a lot of bloat wear. Meaning software and program companies pay bit brand computer computer big dollars for computers to be sold pre-installed with there software. Many computer companies are doing this these days. The bad thing is this bloat where is exactly as it sounds it makes your computer run slow as hell sometimes to the point of freezing. Removing the bloat where is a good option and improves the computer greatly. Only thing is some of the bloat wear on the computer is asus bloat wear and removing the wrong thing could make the computer crash or become worse. Its best if you know how to properly unistall programs or get someone who does. This being said with the effort or removing bloat wear and now with doing computer updates. Its losing a star and a half because of the work to get it to be a good working and fun functioning computer. I give this computer a 4.5 star because with updates and bloat wear removal it works really good.

  • MARY K LOVE - Roofs were in pretty well covered with mildew

    First spraying didn't do the job. Roofs were in pretty well covered with mildew. Will spray again, in a month,

  • Andrea Gillin - Stops the itching...even those darn noseeums!

    At a wedding in Florida we all got bitten by noseeums. Noseeums? Yes, noseeums. I'mnot kidding, there really is such a thing. We've lived in TX for 20 years and it was the first time my husband had ever heard of noseeums. What are noseeums you ask? They're tiny biting flies that are hard to see. Often it will look like a tiny swarm of dots that you walk through, but having your legs exposed down low while standing near grass or the beach is an invitation to get bitten up. First it feels like lots of little bites, then you itch like hell and when you scratch it makes it worse and now it burns too. Enter Tend Skin. One of our family members got so bitten up that for weeks she couldn't get rid of the itching and burning. She tried everything from over-the-counter (OTC), to old wives remedies, and even prescription products too. It wasn't until a trip to the dermatologist that she learned about Tend Skin which was the only thing to finally give her relief. Most of the time pharmacies keep this behind the counter even though it's an OTC product, but I just order this through my subscribe and save and don't have to worry about tracking it down.

  • Kristine - Works really well!

    I bought this for my boat. In the winter it collects a LOT of condensation and it just soaks the rug walls and the wood boarding in the front and other little areas that do not hold in the heat. I put this in each area, and the rug is so dry, and the wood boards are also completely dry. The moisture is just gone! I bought this large one, plus the small buckets as well, they work the same just some last longer. I totally recommend this product!

  • Nicole - Nice Cat Carrier

    I love this carrier it is a perfect space saver! The price is a little on the high side I will watch for it to drop tho so I can buy 2 more so that each kitty has one instead of the big bulky ones. Hopefully this lasts on the long term use.

  • Amy Thompson - Great Quality

    This is an amazing stroller. I had the City Select and it just doesn't compare to the quality and ease of use of this one. Everything about this one is easier, the fold, the push, the seat recline. The finish and material are also very nice. Would highly recommend!

  • Amy Bosica - I fell in love with A Place in the Sun from the first ...

    I fell in love with A Place in the Sun from the first page. The writing just pulled me in and captivated me. I didn’t want to do anything else, but read this story. It just consumed me. I loved the way the writer built Georgie and Gianluca’s story. Their story is one of those that gives you an instantly feeling of amazing. You’re only a few pages in and you just know this is going to be a fantastic love story.