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  • Student - Get this!

    I really studied hard using this book (2 weeks) but my test date was canceled due to a snow storm. I went back to school (18 credits) so had no time to continue my studies. I took my test today after not studying for 3 weeks and the information was still there (even though I wish I had taken a practice test a couple days ago since my time management was really off today). I raised my score from a 150 math and 155 English (practice test 1) to a 155/162 for the actual test today. The things I learned in this book I'm sure will serve me for a lifetime.

  • glumbumazn - Trash - SimCity becomes SimVillage (READ THIS BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO PURCHASE)

    I haven't preordered from Amazon but I preordered it from EA itself. I should have waited til the closed beta to pre-order or not. I regret it. Even the closed beta was a flop. Anyhoo, here's the gist of the game in comparison to SC4.

  • mike - If you bloat this product is for you

    Have been using this product twice a day for 3 weeks and have lost 3 inches in my waist. I dont feel bloated and my waist looks great. This also works very well for weight loss. Its awesome.

  • KimberlyinMN - Great cookbook!!

    Another great cookbook! I love that we can get the SmartPoints online at I love that there are even a few pressure cooker recipes. Although it's pretty easy to convert slow cooker time to pressure cooker time.

  • Amazon Customer - TERRIBLE PRODUCT!!!

    This product was terrible!!! It made me sicker than I've ever been before!! Nausea, throwing up, terrible stomach pain, and headache. Def not gentle on your stomach!!

  • brandon young - Wish me luck

    I'm definitely hopeful for this product, I've already noticed less of an appetite, especially for sweets, I like that it has no chemicals or additives, and it has chromium as a bonus