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  • Dr. Gary Johns | Natural Hormone Therapy - Medical Aesthetics Alpharetta - Dr. Gary M. Johns Dr. Gary M. Johns began practicing chiropractic in Atlanta in 1986. He began by working in three different clinics under three different
  • Medical Aesthetics by Dr. David C. Hon | Natural Hormone Therapy - Medical Aesthetics Alpharetta - Dr. David C. Hon Dr. David C. Hon specializes in FDA approved Hyaluronic acid (NASHA), collagen stimulating fillers for the face and hands as well as
  • Turn Back The Hands of Time And Aging | Natural Hormone Therapy - Medical Aesthetics Alpharetta - Your health and well-being is our first priority. We can show you and help you get started on the path to a more youthful you. Dr. Gary will personally work
  • Natural Hormone Therapy | Natural Hormone Therapy - Medical Aesthetics Alpharetta - What are Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets? We have put together some useful information in an effort to help our patients have a better understanding of what
  • Contact Us | Natural Hormone Therapy - Medical Aesthetics Alpharetta - Customer feedback is the lifeblood of our business. Tell us what’s on your mind. We respond to all customer feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

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  • WadeC - Wolf/Moon '08

    My girlfriend bought me this shirt back in 2008 as a gift for almost not dropping out of high school. Even though we were virgins and she was a vocal advocate for teen abstinence, upon seeing me with the wolves she immediately became 3 months pregnant with my child.

  • rosewood - Too expensive and does not work

    I have tried several of their products and will not be buying it anymore. First off, it is expensive, but if it did what it says it did, I could over look the cost. The PRIME90 (Vanilla) tastes terrible, it has a very strong aftertaste. If you mix it with a lot of different things it is bearable but then it becomes time consuming. SMART MIX & SUPERMIX - taste is not bad but does leave a vitamin aftertaste. XM PLUS - same as the supermix regarding taste etc, did not notice any energy benefits. XM AM and XM PM - no noticable benefit. The powder drink supplement mixes (supermix, smart mix, xm plus) they all do not mix well and need constant shaking or stirring,they settle to the bottom of your glass. The only product that works is the PREMIUM TEA- beware do not drink it every day, you will have the same effect as a laxative if not careful, the taste is not too bad. I did not notice any energy or weight loss as they advertise. The only way I would notice any nutritional benefits possible would be with blood work. I would go to a local health food or nutrion store instead of using this product, it will be cheaper to do that.

  • Rick D. - ... a little scary the first time but I definitely recommend this product

    It was a little scary the first time but I definitely recommend this product, works like they said with no cuts. Honestly the hardest thing to do is not loading the razors into the shaver but to get the razors out of the paper wrap that they come in which has nothing to do with the Bro Shaver.

  • janie - Great looking aviator sunglasses.....definitely ray bans!

    These are very nice sunglasses. They have a gold frame and green lenses. Made in Italy and good looking aviators. I have been looking for these to give as a gift. I went to a few sunglass stores and also researched on line. These were definitely the best deal I found. I always look at customer feedback when making purchases. Helps to know exactly what it is you are purchasing. I recommend these if you are looking for ray ban aviator glasses.

  • MNIAMO - A great warm weather rain jacket.

    Arrived today. First impressions: awesome wind/rain jacket. It's very thin, so it won't provide any insulation in cold climates, but water drops slide right off it. Size wise, I was concerned about the varying reviews about it not fitting correctly... however, I purchased a large, and it fits perfectly... (I'm 6'2, 200lbs)