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  • Jacqueline - i loved it

    It gave me lot of energy and i noticed i lost weight and i wasn't very hungary when i took them so that was a plus.

  • D. Kazanis - Lost at least 40% of reception

    This antenna, although a nice concept, decreased my radio's ability to catch stations that the stock antenna can clearly get. I was hoping to at least be within a 90% of stock reception and take the hit for this tiny antenna, but that clearly was not the case. The only reason I give 2 stars was to give credit for the size of the antenna. Maybe they should sell it with a signal amplifier.

  • SAHM=Everything that needs to be done, is done. - A MUST HAVE for all EO lovers....

    This lavender is excellent. It has a great scent, not watered down at all. I've used it in my diffuser in my kiddos room and was able to notice a significant improvement in their bedtime routine. Set the diffuser on a timer and they have loved it. Peaceful dreams with lavender calming=happy parents and happy children in the morning! The dropper is great...I'm able to control how much I need very easily. We use lavender on bug bites and any small scratches to help alleviate the irritation. Another favorite is to add a couple drops to some lotion and rub on sore muscles...great for growing pains or sore muscles after a workout. Highly recommend having a nice sized bottle of lavender on hand!!

  • Louis - Good Printer, Good Price!

    I purchased this printer and had it shipped international by a mail forwarder in Miami. It was packaged well, came with the driver disk. Worked fine on Windows 7, Vista and XP. It does NOT work on Windows 8. There is a way to force Windows 8 to allow unsigned drivers and it could work but I did not play with it much. Why would you use Windows 8 for a POS though? Just use XP or 7.

  • Nurit Bar - Waking Up

    The new dream for humanity has begun. In this text, the reader is given the tools, devised thousands of years ago for the MesoAmerican area. Those who are connected to this area of the world and its mystic information emanating from the valley of Mexico into the American southwest, will not be disappointed. Its about Time!

  • Mike - Works for others, not so much for me

    Helped, but I think the combination of this and me wrapping as much plumbing as I could reach with pipe insulation is what did it. Overall, I hear a bit less, but its still vibrating and humming. It would appear the pump itself is causing all the issue, not so much the pipes. It's a brand new Shurflo and it would seem its par for the course. I plan on trying another pump to see if it goes away, but so far, it would seem there was about a 10-20% reduction in sound. Your mileage may vary.