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  • Kevin - Does a wonderful job!

    It's weird to write an effusively positive review about a mop, but this one really is good. I've had a few in my day. Sponge mops are generally horrible and always feel dirty, plus I've had problems with them not lasting. Other cloth mops are great, but can be tough to wring out. I don't find a wet Swiffer to be terribly effective, plus I find it leaves behind a sticky residue. This mop is great because the self-contained wringing mechanism is very effective. The flexibility of the cloth strips allows you to easily mop all the nooks and crannies. Great mop!

  • Nicole M - Great workout with bonus dancing!

    Who would have thought something so simple could help tp get me in shape. I got the chance to try out Simply Fit Board In exchange for feedback and I have to say, I am delighted! It comes in 4 colors and I picked the blue one. I was surprised at how heavy it was when it arrived! It comes with an instructional workout DVD, but after watching it twice, I no longer need it. I committed to using this product for 2 weeks no matter what and now that I have completed my trial, I want to keep going! The cardio and core workouts I get from it are terrific! Now the only thing I need is to buy one more so my best friend can do my workout along side of me! Added bonus, more than just a workout, I feel like I am dancing when I use Simply Fit Board. It’s so easy to do “The Twist” and so much fun! My 4 year old niece takes the board every time it is not in use and dances all over the living room carpet! It’s nice to know that if used properly, this board is safe for ages 3 and up!

  • Shushu - Rusts and Breaks

    This mop has a horrible design flaw. The plastic thing that keeps the mop head attached to the handle has a large lip on it that holds water.(look closely at the picture and you will see what I mean) This area of the handle rusts through and it breaks. Two mops have broken like this in one year. Until they change the design I will never buy this again. I wrote to Libman about this issue after the first one broke and there was no response. I use a mop several times a week.

  • E Chiantella - I have learned to love it. It has nice features that Norton does ...

    I have learned to love it. It has nice features that Norton does not as the paper ripper. I love the fact it also sends a message what