Lovelace Biomedical - Advancing your discoveries, into clinical development, no matter how complex, to improve human health

  • About Us - Lovelace Biomedical - At Lovelace Biomedical, our mission is to deeply understand every client’s goals and design unique research programs that advance novel therapies into clinical testing.
  • Services - Lovelace Biomedical - Through its wide array of services, Lovelace Biomedical provides clients with an unparalleled understanding of the biology of disease.
  • Toxicology - Lovelace Biomedical - Lovelace has been performing large- and small-animal toxicology studies ranging from non-GLP investigational toxicology
  • Bioanalytical / Analytical Chemistry - Lovelace Biomedical - Our Analytical/Bioanalytical Chemistry Department provides a state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Pharmacokinetics / Toxicokinetics - Lovelace Biomedical - Lovelace Biomedical has broad capabilities for determining the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drug entities
  • Formulation - Lovelace Biomedical - Our team can expertly develop a variety of formulations—ranging from simple to complex
  • Pharmacology - Lovelace Biomedical - Our scientists bring extensive experience in a wide range of small- and large-molecule delivery methods, including specialty routes, and studies
  • Agrochemicals and Commodity Chemicals - Lovelace Biomedical - Lovelace Biomedical also has a long history of working with environmental hazards, ranging from cigarette smoke and diesel exhaust to radiation.
  • Medicinal Chemistry - Lovelace Biomedical - Lovelace offers an experienced medicinal chemistry team for all aspects of hit to lead optimization and clinical candidate selection.
  • IND-Enabling Programs - Lovelace Biomedical - Our scientists work closely with sponsors to design programs that achieve their goals while minimizing timeline and investment.
  • Colony Maintenance - Lovelace Biomedical - Our 250,000-square-foot vivarium provides ample space and infrastructure for short-term or long-term housing of small and large animals.
  • Specialty Expertise - Lovelace Biomedical - Lovelace Biomedical provides unique capabilities in these and other specialty areas, supporting our customers as they expand the limits of what’s possible in medicine today.
  • Respiratory - Lovelace Biomedical - Lovelace Biomedical has been recognized as a world leader in conducting inhalation toxicology studies for more than 40 years.
  • Infectious Disease - Lovelace Biomedical - Lovelace Biomedical’s infectious disease program is actively developing and refining enhanced in vitro and in vivo capabilities
  • Gene Therapy - Lovelace Biomedical - Lovelace Biomedical has been conducting studies in genet therapy for more than a decade,
  • Neuroscience - Lovelace Biomedical - Lovelace Biomedical builds successful and efficient neurological studies that meet all FDA requirements for IND filings in this key space.
  • Alternative Tobacco Products - Lovelace Biomedical - Lovelace Biomedical has been performing cigarette smoke inhalation exposure studies for more than 25 years.
  • Medical Countermeasures - Lovelace Biomedical - Lovelace has the ability to work with agents requiring containment and chemical surety

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  • Paul Alex Prince III - One Glaring Issue

    The timer display on this treadmill only has 4 digits. For the first hour of your walk or run, it displays minutes and seconds, but when that first hour is up, it switches to showing hours at minutes. So at the end of that first hour, the display goes from 59:59 to 01:00. From that point forward it no longer displays seconds. I don't suppose this would be so bad, except that when your walk or run reaches an hour and forty minutes (01:40), the treadmill comes to a complete stop and the timer resets to 00:00 and starts counting up from zero in minutes and seconds again. So if you're interested in tracking your duration beyond 99 minutes and 99 seconds, you have to resort to doing math in your head or keeping a pad and pencil handy.

  • Nana-the-Baker - Traditional Christmas gift!

    This family LOVES these books, and they have been a Christmas tradition for about 20 years now! Each year I have to be more creative so that these books are absolutely the last packages handed out - because immediately everything else must stop while the search for one thing or another starts - and all is quiet for a few minutes before laughter and calls of "look on this page" begin! And each person has to get their own copy of the book - so I usually wrap a large box or gift bag addressed to me, and hold onto it until the very end of all gifting - even though now everyone anticipates the books!