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  • Grace - Love the product for using it for only two months ...

    Love the product for using it for only two months my hair has grown and it now thich than before. i will continue to use it. my edges have also grown. im going to purchase, the all pack of this product. one of the product that i can really see results on my hair..

  • Erik F. - Fizzics Is the Best and Easiest Way to Get the Draft Beer Experience From Bottle or Can At Your Home

    This thing is awesome. It's part gimmick, part actually functioning beer tapper/dispenser. It does what claims to do. It's not something everyone needs or will want. I like it for tapping a freshly filled growler the best.It's the closest to a draft beer experience without having the expense, the space, or the maintenance of a kegerator. I find the machine works best for styles of beer that are not super hoppy or high ABV that have very sharp flavors and typically don't pour heads. I would never put an imperial stout or a barley wine, or probably anything barrel aged in this machine as the very sharp alcohol and complex flavors will tend to get smoothed over by the pseudo-nitro head. But for any kind of lagers, stouts, brown ales, wheat beers, session able beer styles, even 40 ounce malt liquor bottles, those are the best. I don't use the machine every time I want to drink a beer. But when I am craving and smooth and creamy texture similar to draft beer, I'll tap myself a can or bottle.

  • Kathryn - Better Than Quickbooks, Not as Much Support

    This product is vastly superior to Quickbooks in almost every possible way, but it just doesn't have the market like Quickbooks does. My bank, accountant, and bookkeeper buddy who I turn to for advice all use QB. I had to return this cheaper, better product because evil QB has more users and support.

  • Luminess - EEEKKKK! You'll be sorry . . . I sure was!

    I just paid $40 to have Staples remove over 200 cases of adware off of my computer! I did not have any issues prior to downloading AVAST, but after downloading it I couldn't even access the internet without constantly being redirected to different sites and having pop ups! I cannot recommend this program. Spend the $20 bucks and get AVG or $30 bucks and get Norton... It protects you better and costs less than having someone remove viruses or adware from your computer!