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  • Gilbert J. Corcoran - These Buds stayed on my head and were way more comfortable than the over the ear headphones I previously used

    I bought the Senso Active Buds to use with my new Iphone 7 during workouts. I used the Senso Buds during my intense workout at the gym yesterday. These Buds stayed on my head and were way more comfortable than the over the ear headphones I previously used. I was pleased with several advantages over my over the ear headphones; I could keep my phone in my gym bag while working out and reception was great, even as i traveled as far as thirty to thirty five feet from my phone. I could change volume, answer calls, and change songs without ever having to touch my phone. I am extremely pleased. I am writing this review because I am very happy with my purchase, not because I got any type of benefit from doing so!

  • Lynnjo - Great antenna that will allow you to get rid of cable or at least use only basic cable

    This antenna works great. It has allowed me to finally decide to lower my cable bill or get rid of it all together. It is easy to use. Just put in the best window with a clear view. When I did the scan it picked up 85 channels for me and most of them are the ones I watch anywAy. I will continue he to use and make sure it will work for me and then get rid of my $200 cable bill which is excessively high and ridiculous money just to watch tv. Definitely recommend this to everyone who wants to save some money.

  • Matthew - Great Light Weight Jacket

    The jacket is what I expected. It is thin as most of the shells are, but it feels strong and very water proof. The jacket is a nice color blue and looks cool. If you order from Main Street Madness they will fill up your inbox with annoying emails asking you to review the product....some people's kids.

  • Andrew S. - flakes in your eyes

    awful. flakes off and gets in your eyes and irritates them within an hour of application. squinting like the hunchback of notre dame all day is not pretty....I'd rather sport my regular eyelashes then go through the pain and humiliation!

  • Amazon Customer - A very BEEFY Box.

    Very well made. I was able to place a series 31 AGM battery inside 115 Amp hrs. All the electrics work as advertised and as previously reviewed. I use this for back up power in the home but would be great camping. No smelly, loud generator to fuel and carry fuel for. One feature that I was impressed with was the integrated rubber feet on the bottom of the box. No slip for sure in the boat or back for your SUV/pickup. Great product.

  • Amazon Customer - Arrived a few days before projected date. I'm a ...

    Arrived a few days before projected date. I'm a week in to using the product and have lost 8 pounds. I have not yet started working out, I anticipate the results will continue

  • Amazon addict - Broke after 4 months

    I have only had this monitor since November. I use it as an office monitor at home and today it suddenly started blinking and making a noise while flashing very pixelated images of the screen. I have changed cords and tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, no dice. Very disappointed.