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  • Chigozie Orusakwe - I had a excellent experience with the book

    I had a excellent experience with the book. After reading this book, it was like everything falls into place for me to take my NCLEX. I followed all the steps in the book during my exam and behold it paid off I was so scared because I was getting a lot of hard and select all that apply question. I was stopped at question #85. I was scared more until after 24 hours when I saw my result and said passed. My dear try to understand the book and follow all the steps, do not rush your exam take your time you will be OK.

  • BMan in CLT - Lightweight and stylish

    Lightweight classic look that fits into many occasions. Was able to carry this easily with me during travels and use it many times. Hiding the hood also transforms this jacket from rain to windbreaker.

  • casey - Very good for children

    My 4yrs old loves it. I started out reading to him at night, but then he wanted to read all day everyday. With a 100 stories we get to read over and over.

  • Anonymous - Product does not whiten teeth effectively

    I have yellow teeth currently, drank sodas such as coke for years and years, have not smoked, tried the product for a week, and have seen no difference in the whitening of my teeth. I'm a teenager as well and I was disappointed this product hasn't worked at all. The rubber trays provided also do not fit my teeth and saliva easily can ruin the process. Not to mention it's uncomfortable to put the tray plus the light transmitter in your mouth for 10-30 minutes.

  • Yellowstone - KIS2014 Just Keeps Going and Going

    Again, year after year, a great product. In the years past I have never had any difficulties with incoming malware, etc. This past few months it seems there have been 'clever' hackers at work - and some have made it through this sophisticated defense system. I now believe the current hackers that have gotten very busy and done their homework well.

  • R. Straw - Love Love Love..except the gel, I don't love the gel

    I bought the blue model from the Nuface website during their sale a couple of weeks ago. My eyelash technician who is an aesthetician, raves about Nuface. I complained about my round face, and she suggested Nuface. I have a round face. I workout, but my face stays round. I considered going to Sonobello's (chin lipo). My face looks like a chipmunk, and my chin continues to be doubled. My chin makes my face looks like a round rubber ball. I bought the device, watched the Youtube videos, and began to use it.