Low Testosterone Vancouver Washington | Men's Sexual Health | Man Alive - We specialize in men's sexual health issues in Vancouver WA. Our goal is to encourage men to be proactive in treating low testosterone.

  • Sexual and Physical Performance / low T / Hormone Testing | Man Alive - Did you know that low testosterone (Low T) can contribute to fatigue, weight gain, impaired cognitive functioning, erectile dysfunction (ED) and decreased libido to name a few? At Man Alive, we provide a comfortable environment to address these and other sensitive concerns related to the male genitalia.
  • Prostate, Rectal, GI, liver, pancres, kidney health | Man Alive - Are you aware of your Prostate, Urinary Tract (Kidney) and Gastrointestinal (Colon/Rectal) health? Experiencing urinary frequency, urgency and night time urination? Rectal bleeding or abnormal stool? We are here to help detect and treat these potentially harmful and avoidable issues early.
  • Cardio, heart, brain, vascular health services, screening | Man Alive - Regular cardiovascular screening is important because it helps you detect risk factors in their earliest stages. Higher than optimal blood pressure, cholesterol or body mass index, for example, may drive home the message that it’s time to modify your diet, become active and get more exercise.
  • Weight Management | Man Alive - Are you aware of your body's nutritional needs? We know it's important to maintain a consistent weight for our specific body-type to keep us fit and healthy. We can screen and treat for Nutritional Deficiencies, Metabolic Syndrome, reasons for Weight Loss / Gain, Muscle Wasting and other weight management or nutritional concerns.
  • Sleep apnea, snoring management | Man Alive - Did you know: 80-90% of sleep breathing disorders remain undiagnosed, 28% of men over age 65 have sleep apnea and Men with severe OSA are 3x more likely to have a stroke than men without OSA. Sleep apnea is a condition where a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. We can help diagnose and treat sleep management issues, snoring, sleep apnea and a variety of other sleep-related problems.
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease | Man Alive - Sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) are more common than you may think. It's important to understand the different types of STD's, testing and individual risk factors. In many cases, Men manifest NO signs or symptoms. We are here to provide understanding and compassionately address your concerns.
  • Mental Health Services, depression, anxiety | Man Alive - Do you feel anxious, depressed, or despondent. Is the reason you feel the way you do truly psychological or are there metabolic, physical or nutritional imbalances that needs to be addressed? Do you have an addiction you would like to kick? At Man Alive we can assess and explore different treatment options in-house, or refer to outside professionals if indicated. Please call, we're here to help.
  • Lab Panels | Man Alive - We offer a very comprehensive and proactive approach to diagnosing your health care needs.
  • Testing & Procedures | Man Alive - Man Alive takes a proactive approach to understanding your low testosterone and providing the best low t options around Portland.
  • Men's health care, preventative medicine | Man Alive - Our goal is to encourage Portland area men to engage in a proactive approach to low testosterone.

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  • cindyjo10 - cb1 worked for me!

    cb1 worked for me! maybe you guys werent taking it correctly. its the only thing that has made me gain weight! and I suffered hyperthyroids which made me drop to 82 pounds and when I started cb1 and did as it told me I weigh 102 it took a few months but its the only thing that boosted my appetite after trying many different things. im still gaining and very happy about it!

  • joseph rudolph - Decent but overly simplified

    I was more interested in an analytic approach to portfolio optimization and picked this book up for a quick introductory guide to the market. I found the first 160 pages or so to be very helpful at introducing terms, metrics, & industry standards (although extremely dumbed down at times). The back half is a little repetitive, outlines various resources available (including a never ending advertisement for value line). Overall a good introductory read for the low price but lacking in any real analytic substance though I don't think the book claims to have any. In retrospect I think rereading the front half of the book would have been more valuable than reading the back half.


    I purchased this product believing it was lactose free (as stated in the description). Upon receipt, I checked the ingredient label only to find it was NOT lactose free. Thinking I might have been sent the wrong item, I contacted PediaSure's 800# and was advised that the product is "compatible with a child who may have a lactose sensitivity" but is NOT lactose free. I asked whether PediaSure offered a lactose-free product and was advise they DO NOT. AMAZON- I expect better of you! Parents beware of this misleading description and ALWAYS read the labels!

  • AR in Las Vegas - Only Good for Some

    This Stubby Antenna only works well in close range of broadcast... When I get 10 to 15 miles out of town I have trouble picking up any stations. If you never leave your city then it is OK, otherwise it sucks.

  • NYC Amazonian - Wishing and Hoping for the Best; At Least it Provides Some Hope?

    I hate to complain about the smell, but rosemary is not the most appealing scent, if applied as a spray. Sure, some rosemary bread is delicious, but you don't find it in the perfume isle for a reason.