ACCUEIL - Ce Master propose aux étudiants traducteurs une année de spécialisation et de professionnalisation interculturelle sous la forme d’un programme original garanti par les critères d'exigence qualité des 12 partenaires.

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 12.1097 , Italy

  • Pamela S. - I would not recommend. I have given it several tries and finally ...

    I would not recommend. I have given it several tries and finally through it garbage. It may peel; however, the residue that sticks like glue to the peach fuzz hairs on face are impossible to get off. The last for days! I also bought in mall by very aggressive sales. I got ripped off for this crap😖

  • JOSHUA JOSHUA - Incredible product

    I am self-conscious about my skin. I want really light skin but I think I have too much melanin in my skin because I tan easily. I was a little skeptical of this product because how could it actually lighten and whiten? Well, it turns out it doesn't completely whiten (after 5 uses) but it actually lifts my tan skin so it looks more glowy than usual. I look like I got sun-kissed by the Hawaiian sun or something. I'm starting to actually like my skin more and more and realized I just need a "lift". This product does exactly just that. I am impressed.

  • IMFletcher - Fun for kids and terrorists!

    When we first set it up we tried it with my daughters African American Magic Jewel Ken Doll and Barbie Princess of the Nile Doll but they were pulled out of line before the security checkpoint and taken to a back room for "processing."