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  • Trial Lawyer | Reno Personal Injury Attorney - Schedule a consultation with trial lawyer Matthew Sharp in Reno, NV at (888) 640-0835.
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  • WhatThe... - Don't do this!!!!

    As a joke I had one of the little plastic men say, "I guess you missed the bomb!" and the plastic airport police took him away. I haven't seen him since that time and it's been 3 days!!! I'm upset, there plastic guys don't handle jokes very well!!! Maybe the product is TOO realistic!!!

  • Kathy - A Great Workout

    Jillian Michaels 2010 Ultimatum is very good. I get a workout and I am not a beginner in exercise. I have only done the circuits - unfortunately there are only two. A person can "design" their own if they choose to. She has you running on a beach, going through a jungle, passing a waterfall, etc. to warm up. After running, Jillian leads you to different parts of the jungle for the different exercises. I like the workout I get. I know graphics are important to a lot of people - yes, they are very good. I have read in some of the reviews about not being able to learn the different exercises from the video. I have had no problem with this. You pause it with your wii remote and it will be explained OR you can also look in the booklet. Patience is the key to learning anything new. While I paid full price I do not regret it. $20 is a bargain!

  • Philip Butler - I've found what I'm looking for

    Well, I have tried many different Bluetooth 'sport' Earbuds and most have left me wanting for both sound quality and comfort. I can honestly say I've found what I'm looking for. Rich, deep, non-distorted bass. Crisp clear treble and the mid-range is a very fulsome sound. The battery life has outlasted any session I've had them on for. The three earbud sizes that are included are great, my daughter can even wear them with the smallest size.

  • avidreader56 - great gadget

    The yonana maker I bought is fantastic! Don't understand the person who's unit burned out after only 3 uses!! The bananas--all fruit--must be thawed for at least 5 min or more to allow for the creamy texture (without burning up the motor). It does tell you in the instruction booklet to partially thaw bananas. I put mine in the microwave for about 20 seconds if my one yr old grandson is awake & impatient for breakfast! This is a great healthy alternative to all the processed sugar & fat usually contained in store bought ice cream. And clean up is easy after you realize that the unit must be taken apart and scraped to remove the fruit! I usually do this if my family wants different flavors that aren't all mixed together anyway! You'll be happy with this if you buy it! I am...!

  • Stevie Terry - Love the Shampoo and Body Wash

    I love Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. I have been using it with my son (four years old) and daughter (six months) exclusively since birth for both.