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  • Pete - Good for fast quick cleaning.

    Found this cheaper on amazon than at my local grocery stores or target/walmart. The same exact Swiffer that you see in the commercials and in stores. It's not your profession tile/wood cleaner, but for quick wet mopping the floor, it does it's job well. The wet wipes are easy to install, just press in the corners to the slots and put the Swiffer down on the ground and just mop. Make sure the cloth doesn't get dry, because when it does it's not really going to do much cleaning. Now you may want to actually use a dry micro fiber cloth to dry up the wetness instead of letting it air dry. This prevents water spots if you have wood panels/tiles that you can see. It's a good product for fast easy wiping.

  • Paul S. Fratianni - Cured My Altitude Sickness

    Came to Santa Fe for a workshop and was just completely out of it tired for several days. I noticed ads for O2 treatment for Altitude Sickness. I thought I'd save myself money by just buying an O2 enhancing supplement and came across Cell Food. In no time flat it knocked out my fatigue and my mind was crystal clear.

  • Neha - Works really well on acne scars

    I had a few acne scars on my face and an old burnt scar on my arm. Tried the Ultimate Renewal Scar Cream by Foxbrim and started seeing the difference in a couple weeks on the acne scars. The burn scar is really old so not sure if it will ever go away but I will keep applying and will post again for that. But for the acne scars, it is working really well and I will definitely recommend it to anyone. This product comes in an airless pump bottle and dispenses very nicely. It has its ingredient list printed on the bottle which is nice because I don't have to keep up with a box to reference, and the product list is full of organic and natural ingredients, including oils and plant extracts. Immediately this lotion gives off a strong lavender scent which I don't mind. The lotion spreads very well so you don't need much at all, just a half pump is more than enough to cover my scar

  • kalyson - Light as a feather

    This is the lightest, coolest, most comfortable helmet I have ever worn in my life. Period. If you ride a lot, it is worth the money just in the amount of neck strain you can avoid.