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  • Alice - Warning! Counterfeit!

    I'm really sad and disappointed. It is a cheap counterfeit, made in China. The rag has a rubber logo. When I look at this "ray ban" and compare the quality with my original sunglasses, I'm crying. Stop, please don't buy it, don't waste your money. It has to cost not more than $10. Oh, I have forgotten! The case was broken.

  • Littlequeenie - First Try, First Normal Cycle!

    I would recommend pregnatude. I had suffered the loss of my first pregnancy and it completely threw my body out of whack. (I had normal cycles for 3 months after going off the pill and we got lucky!) Then after the loss, my cycles were bouncing around and I was ovulating on days 44,50, and 60 ( compared to my clockwork day CD20)! I started Pregnatude two weeks before a new cycle. Once my new cycle had started I took the two packets daily. I didn't mix in water thought, just poured the packet into my mouth and took a big swig of water. It's much easier and the taste reminded me of those candy dip sticks! Low and behold I ovulated on CD 20! I was very excited to have a normal cycle for the first time in 6 months. However, I was not lucky enough to get my BFP this time around. I'm very hopeful for next time around! Not to mention, if this helped me level out, then I'm confident it is helping my egg quality as well! I've read this can take up to 3 months to work so I am very happy to see thing working in one month. Fingers crossed!

  • ezeedozit - Gives me a boost without being wired.............

    I take this product about 5 days a week, and I actually notice a difference in the longevity of energy through my day.

  • Ricky Khanna - Good attempt - hoping for better

    First thing I did like mentioned in other reviews was to go in and change the name of the players and if you have time u can also change the default players face to make a bit more lookalike.

  • D. Moore - Amazing Mattress!

    I know, I was skeptical too. Buying a mattress on line is not the norm. I was shopping at mattress stores and the prices were astronomical, after some research I found casper.

  • Image - Good but ...better the second time around (updated review)

    I read every single review, and knew beforehand that there is a problem with the dome. I bought one two days ago anyway. Checked everything out and found no cracks on the dome. Three hours ago I cooked three bone in breasts. Came out moist, fully cooked and tasted excellent. After the oven had cooled I took it apart to wash, and lo and behold...there is a one inch crack on the dome from the bottom! It did not penetrate to the outside but I can feel the jaggedness on the inside. I'm taking it back to the store ASAP. Three stars.