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  • Kate - makes great food, timer is a plus, short cord

    We've made a few dishes already, and we love this crock pot. We have owned one before, but needed to invest in a new one after moving. The timer is perfect for letting you set it and forget it, and the pot automatically shifts to warm after the time runs out. The latches for the lid are a nice addition over older models, though I would still be careful when transporting it since it has a hole for steam in the lid. The only downside is the cord is not the longest, so you may need to invest in an extension cord if you can't put the crock pot fairly close to your outlet.

  • Blue Dragonfly - Great hold that dries clear for almost every kind of use

    This is a very effective glue for fabrics and needs only a little for a permanent hold. It dries clear and works very well on my wrapped fabric baskets for areas that are difficult to sew and need a good hold. I'm so glad that Amazon has it available as it is hard to find in my area.

  • MrsDickens - All this is, is a larger dose of Tylenol ...

    All this is , is a larger dose of Tylenol. I don't see any gret difference. It is 650mg. instead of 500.

  • Betty - It Helps

    When you watch the video, it says that your butt should be lifted each time the machine goes up. The first several times I just rested my legs on it and mine did not lift. Neither did my husbands or daughter, when they tried it. Tried different height levels, and then one day as I was trying different techniques, finally my butt started to be lifted and when I was doing it correctly, it did a great job. But you do need to keep focused on keeping the legs firmly on the leg rest in order for your butt to rise otherwise, it will stay on the ground and not do such a good job. Also, in the instruction booklet it says that your butt does not have to leave the ground, but the video says it does. Oh well, I stuck to it and it does help my back. One thing, my legs start to go to sleep and tingle if I go beyond the first 10 min. Wish that didn't happen. Hope this helps. :)