Melbourne Role Play Actors | Melbourne's most experienced role playing actors for corporate training - Melbourne Role Play Actors is comprised of professional writers, directors and actors who have had many years' experience providing stimulating, challenging and constructive role plays to the corporate, medical and government sectors. Our role plays can be demonstrative or interactive, scripted or totally improvised and cover topics such as selling skills, workplace relations, providing feedback or conducting challenging conversations.…

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  • Marksman - Now I can enjoy fishing instead of solving fishing line puzzles all day

    The casting drag is weak so you get a lot of bird's nests unless you rally pay attention to the reel. I decided I want to pay attention to the fish so I will repack it and give it away for xmas party gift. Bought a Zebco spin cast reel. Now I can enjoy fishing instead of solving fishing line puzzles all day. I thought I was pretty good but I just haven't the time nor want to master this reel.

  • Amazon Customer - This is hands down the best product ive used

    This is hands down the best product ive used.I have oily skin with breakouts and get regular Jessner and lactic acid peels.This cream doesnt break my skin out,leaves it dewy and fresh.

  • Dog Lover - Not for Mac

    All the info in the book was OK, some really good advice but it works with PC, not MAC and it doesn't tell you that until you get it home.

  • Valerie Carpenter - Good place to start

    Not able to personalize requests such as "putting dog down" instead of "paying for boarding". I did like that it made adjustments for my state.

  • Michael Bruchas - As funny as all of the Flowers series runs...

    Read it over the course of 5 hours. Humor, horror and Minnesota wackiness - all in one story. Plus a "happy" ending.

  • L Ziel - Garbage

    Like other people have stated, there is not enough of the base to do the job. This product is a ton of work and the finished product does not look even close to what they state it will look like. The product makes a total mess when adding the flakes.It pools up in the creases and is near impossible to sand it correctly. If you have an empty house that you are not living in and have a week to do the job and can work on it 8 hours a day every day you may be able to get it to look OK but I don't see that it will ever look like real granite. In all actuality you could get formica that looks like granite that will cover the same area this kit says it will cover for about $300-$400, it would be new and look better than this product. Save your money and avoid this product at all cost, unless you want to waste a week of your time for a product that doesn't look good. The only good part of this product is that after it looked as bad as it did Rustoleum is a great company and did refund our money for the product but they could not replace our time that we wasted.