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  • Cherie - if it doesn't work like it says

    I have always been susceptible to poison ivy. When I get a rash, it's usually a major one and it literally burns my skin. Last year I got some on the palms of my hands (right more so than the left). The doctor gave me a steroid and it took the rash down, but not totally away. Over the winter it hibernated about a month ago it re-appeared in full bloom. I went to the pharmacist to see if there was anything new and found Zanfel. I thought, for the price (and believe me, it was pricey!), if it doesn't work like it says, I would write to the company and try to get my money back. Well, after the 1st application, the itch was subsiding and it started feeling better. After a week of applying it once a day, it was all gone. I now have skin replacing the old damaged skin and it feels wonderful! I am so glad that I tried it.

  • Retired Marine Corps Gunny - Here's The Straght Scoop Folks

    Well folks, I'm not sure who all these folks are that are giving this little antenna a 5 stars but I suspect that its the folks that sell the thing. I purchased one of these and promptly sent it back. Here's the straight scoop folks.Take it for what it's worth.

  • Katherine Hawk - Thank you

    He loves it plays everyday this is the best thing I bought for him this year, I wish when they said it was everything you needed they would have mention speakers for hook up... But it works fine.

  • tom valois - A Must Read

    I chose a rating of 5 Stars because after 17 years of research h ing the NWO I found someone who can put it all together, and with little, sometimes not so little, unknown facts. This is my sea bond book by King That I've read, and I look forward with great anticipation.

  • Margaret J. Lorigan - we would have had a nice nest egg to match

    I wish I would have had this book ten years ago. My husband and i are already retired and we do not have any credit card debt but had I done a few things differently, we would have had a nice nest egg to match. I confirm what Stacy says that life without credit card debt is awesome. Not only is there no worry about paying bills but a life of not needing "stuff" is also freeing. We have and do use the Costco credit card (paid in full every month) for the reward points. We charge utilities, groceries, etc. This makes bill paying easy and the reward points add up quickly. Our freedom of not needing stuff keeps us from charging stuff. Life is good. So why would I read this book - always open to learning more ways to save or grow our dollars and i did learn new things.. Also recommend signing up for his newsletter on Money Talks News.

  • MIKEL SMITH - Legal Androgel

    DHEA is the only drug that has made my testicles bigger.I suffer from HYPOGONADISM.Taking testosterone only made them smaller.

  • Amazon Customer - I think it works better if you take two doses per day

    This product helped to regulate my cycles within a month of taking it. The first day I took three capsules with dinner, I noticed some nausea. But after that I had no issues with it. I always take it with a substantial meal, usually dinner and sometimes lunch. I think it works better if you take two doses per day. One dose is three capsules so if you take 3 with lunch and 3 with dinner, the results will probably be better. I haven't tried conceiving yet, but I'm hopeful that this will be a huge help. :)