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  • Mary Rae - Nice assembly of nutrients

    This supplement seems to more-or-less meet Dr. Mark Hyman's guidelines for nutrients supporting glutathione production. I have noticed mild stomach upset when I take it together with other supplements, so I am careful to take it alone. Otherwise I haven't noticed a difference. I expect the benefits are more long-term, though.

  • RealisticAl - Stripped piece, had to alter

    Right now, 3 stars. Bought from another website for a little but cheaper. Crossbars seem decent quality. However, the adjustable bars had issues. One of the areas had a stripped out hole and the M5 bolt just fell out. Had to go out to the hardware store, get a drillbit to make the hole bigger, re groove the hole, and put a bigger bolt band washer in place. Would have just returned them, but planned on using it on a trip a few days after they arrived. Will update stars once trip is over and their sturdiness is tested. 3 stars for now.

  • Willy the Shake - Useable information

    Comprehensive information. Time will tell if the publishing agents listed are useful. Well organized, with tips for beginning writers and those interested in hearing how successful writers got their start.

  • E. Parra - No Analysis Tool Pack

    I remember when live was beautiful, everything was easy and amazing and you can do many statistical analysis in Excel, need a ANOVA analysis, no problem my Excel can do it, a regression analysis, no problem I can do it, and histogram or a uniform distribution, don't worried I can do that too. This happy days happened a long time ago in 2004. Then Microsoft lunch Office 2008 without warning us about the elimination of the visual basic in the new Excel spreadsheet, so many of us buy it and suddenly find we can not use macros, solver and the analysis tool pack, in other words all the coolest things that make Excel spreadsheet better than Open Office or Numbers or whatever. Then we have no other choice to remove the 2008 and install 2004 again what a joke and a total disrespectful way to treated us. Then we wait a long three years to see the come back of the visual basic in Excel, many wait patiently and when finally Microsoft announce this magnificent event is the year 2011 and surprise, surprise this 2011 office DON'T HAVE THE ANALYSIS TOOL PACK!!!!!!!

  • LadyAzul7 - It is really easy to install

    This fits the 2011 and up Strollers (not the older models). It is really easy to install, no screws needed for the carseat adapter (only 2 screws for the belt that adds extra protection)