Nanyang Pukang Group Chemical & Pharmaceutical Factory - We are the manufacture of many kinds of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, please check our products list as following:Our main products:1, clindamycin hcl(usp24)20bou/drum 500tons/year2, lincomycin hcl(bp98)20bou/drum 1500tons/year3, gentamycin sulphate(bp98)5bou/tin 1500tons/year4, caustic soda...

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  • LaMo - Not worth the money at all!

    Not very pleased at all. I'm 44 with expression lines in my forehead. I thought I was supposed to be getting a sample to try before I love it and then place an order for a full size. Well, I received a full size "tube" and charged for it, of course, (not the "free sample, just pay for shipping" like the ad said). After 4 weeks now, there is no change in the lines on my forehead. AND there was no shipping forms of any kind in the box, no return information at all. Would I recommend this product? No. Could I have spent that $189 for something better? Yes. Will either go back to Botox or some other filler. Oh, and I don't smoke or tan my face so my wrinkles are not caused from a poor lifestyle. I just wanted the lines to soften up but they didn't; and I'm not comparing this product to Botox or any other filler. I didn't expect Botox results but I did expect SOMETHING beneficial to happen because it was so expensive.

  • Johnny - Don't waste your time

    Couldn't get past the first half. Wasn't exactly low budget, many locations/houses/bars, etc., and a bunch of actors, but just sucked. Bad movie, bad actors.

  • USTPC - Good Product, Could Be A Great Product

    I was Zone Alarm user until two years ago. Norton 360 was rated the best security product in Consumer Reports and it was cheaper than Zone Alarm at the time so I purchased it. I made the right decision. :-) This has a lot of good security features (anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall protection, ad blocker, parental control, etc.). It also has identity safe which I love. I create passwords that are complicated - numbers, lower and upper case letters, symbols, etc. Rather than have to keep a list which I then need to lockup or hide Identity Safe allows me to enter the website, user name, and password one time and then when I go to most websites it will automatically fill in user name and password. This means I only have to remember two passwords - One to log onto my computer and one to log into Identity Safe. I can also upload the passwords to the Norton Cloud Server which means if my computer dies I still have my passwords. The best part is that the system resources used are minimal (a big improvement over prior versions).

  • Desire Baessler - great for practice

    When I was preparing for the Pharmacy technician certification board exam, I knew that I would be nervous on the day of the test. There was nothing I could do to avoid that, but there were plenty of things I could do to prepare. If I was prepared enough, I would do well and that was all I could hope for on the day of the exam. In order to give myself the confidence I needed going into the test, I got these practice tests and review to help me. First, I went through all of the review content, which I found very comprehensive and helpful. Then, I started testing myself. Once I got better at the tests because of my various review sessions, I realized I could do well on the real exam. I proved myself over and over again on the practice tests and that told me that the real exam was going to be something I could get through as well. I know working in a pharmacy is going to throw a lot of unexpected things my way and there was no way to know exactly what to expect from the test, but with this study guide I knew everything I could going into it and felt as prepared as possible.